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Choose Mingxing, choose tomorrow.

Jiangsu Mingxing Water Supply Equipment CO.,Ltd is a company specializd in the production and operation of water supply equipment business, founded in 1998, formerly known as JianHu Nova Stainless co.,ltd, 2006 transition to production oriented private enterprises, in 2014 Yancheng Mingxing supply equipment Ltd. to increase capital of 50,180,000 RMB to change its name to Jiangsu Ming Xing watersupply equipment co.,ltd Now the company registered capital of 30.18 million yuan, plant a total area of over 10,000 square meters. The company mainly produce stainless steel tanks, oil water separators, fire water supply equipment, domestic water supply equipment, rainwater collection system, the scale of production among the most in the tank area.
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Brand strength,Fate of the pack.

Companies adhere to the quality of products as a leader, to strengthen measures to promote the level of internal management, and constantly improve. Through the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system and OHSAS occupation health and safety system certification three. All products have obtained national industrial products production license. The company was recognized as a private technology enterprises in Jiangsu province. Cooperation with blue fire management consulting company, established management talent training base. In recent years, the company continued to import "6S" management, "lean" management and other modern advanced management mode, the optimization and upgrading of the company's internal management level.
Mingxing yesterday has past, MingXing today no slack, Ming Xing tomorrow will become better and better . "Way streched endless ahead, I will seek." we will try our best to face a brighter future!
Our corporate culture is: innovation, integrity, Thanksgiving, love
Our business objectives are: Mingxing water supply, water star
Our business philosophy is: Ming xing water is a popular project, the well-being of the people forever is our mission; Ming Xing water is water star, only the first is our eternal pursuit; MingXing employees are sensitive for the staff, "gentleman to speak and sensitive for" Ming Star people real picture. Ming Star business is a new business, our footprints will remain in the hearts of every customer, and lead us to the infinite splendid future.
Choose Mingxing, choose tomorrow.

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Jiangsu Mingxing Water Supply Equipment CO., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of water supply equipments.
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