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Cheer for the Winter Olympics, Jiangsu Mingxing Smart Life Integrated Pump Station shines at the ice & snow event

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At this moment, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics athletes are fighting fiercely! On February 4th, the 24th Winter Olympics kicked off in Beijing. This is the first global comprehensive sports event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic.


Focus on the high-tech in the Winter Olympics - "Ice Ribbon" is advanced and environmentally friendly, the intelligent temperature measurement and code verification robot integrates 5G and big data. Accurate and fast robot chef in the Winter Olympics smart restaurant can order food 24h a day, meal preparation, full-process automation services for meal delivery, and "smart epidemic prevention" robots and many other black technologies have been applied in the Winter Olympics. The scientific and technological innovation of the great country is manifested everywhere.


At the same time, the national level has stricter requirements on the reliability of engineering construction and facility operation. It is undeniable that the Beijing Winter Olympics is also a touchstone for "smart water affairs". Jiangsu Mingxing is honored to be a participant in the water supply facilities of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, using the "Buried Smart Life Integrated Pump Station" to contribute to the success of the Winter Olympics!

In the industry market, there are numerous manufacturers of urban secondary water supply projects. Designers should not only consider the intelligent performance of products and the use characteristics of materials, but also evaluate the period of installation and construction, convenience, equipment reliability, and system cost economy.


In the end, Jiangsu Mingxing's "integrated pump station for smart life and cloud platform for smart life" system solution stood out, and was designed and used in the Zhangjiakou water pipeline construction project. One of the important factors is the integration, standardization and intelligence of Jiangsu Mingxing Smart Life Integrated Pumping Station itself.

What is integration?

Integrate the configuration functions and requirements of water tanks, pump rooms, water supply equipment, control systems and other facilities into one

What is standardization?

The whole process of design, manufacture, installation and use shall be implemented in accordance with the current national standards

What is intelligence?

Integrate cloud platform and IoT technology into fire water supply system. The fire-fighting water supply system realizes the following four main intelligent functions

1. Monitoring intercom function: You can directly see the real-time operation of the pump room equipment in the monitoring center, and can realize real-time voice intercom with the scene.

2. Monitoring function: all parameters can be observed and saved remotely in the pump room, and the parameters can be modified according to the authority, and the start and stop of the equipment can be controlled.

3. Access control function: With the monitoring function, the information of personnel entering and leaving the pump room can be recorded in real time, and the opening and closing of the pump room access control can be remotely controlled.

4. Network publishing function: Through the computer browser and mobile APP, you can directly access the on-site conditions of the engineering pump room we need according to the permissions. Real-time inspection of each pump room can be realized as long as there is a network and authority.


Our company always insists on product innovation, installation and connection technology innovation. In order to better serve the products, we have cultivated a group of twelve-star after-sales service teams to provide users with a 24h online and offline pre-sale, after-sale and in-sale service system.

With its excellent comprehensive performance, Jiangsu Mingxing Smart Life Integrated Pump Station is widely used in residential water, public places (hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, golf courses, airports, etc.), commercial buildings, irrigation, and manufacturing. To carry forward the Olympic spirit and promote the innovative development of the water supply industry, Jiangsu Mingxing reflects the responsibility and responsibility.

Jiangsu Mingxing is here

Wish the 2022 Winter Olympics a complete success

Cheers to the Chinese Olympic athletes!

We firmly believe that victory will be ours

Let's let our dreams fly

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