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Chinese box integrated pump and pump industry development potential

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After joining the WTO, China's tank pump integration and pump industry can't according to the development course of foreign industrial countries to develop step by step, must implement the technology by leaps and bounds, and is possible. Example of the realization of technology leapfrogging development products in our case pumps and pump industry integration is much, such as the Shenyang tank pump integration and water pump factory, Shanghai tank pump integration and pump factory double hull pieces of high-pressure boiler feed pump, pump and water pump factory Shijiazhuang box integration of the slurry pump, Tianjin pump industry Machinery Group Co Ltd screw pump, pump and tank and pump industry integration of non clogging pumps, magnetic pumps and so on, the technical level of these products have leap directly to produce at the time and the international levels near or similar products level. And the use of foreign advanced technology transformation of our own series of products to achieve a leap forward in technology, such as AY type pump Shenyang tank pump integration and pump factory, in improving the rigidity of rotor, improve the reliability of the pump, anti bite material application and so on, the use of foreign advanced technology, the Y type oil pump with the technological leapfrogging development become the AY type oil pump, AY type pump to replace the Y type pump occupied most of the domestic oil market. It America scholars as a "winner takes all theory", that is in high-tech industries, as long as one step ahead in technology, even a small step, it is possible to most of the city to occupy the field often developed countries some industry due to the large inertia, carries on the structure adjustment is very difficult, need to pay a high cost, while the developing countries have "get good out of misfortune", little or no such baggage, can be at a higher starting point move forward, leap forward development. For example, China's missile development, Tsien Hsueshen returned to China in 1956 after the first proposal, China missile development, developed after the plane, because at that time western aircraft manufacturing more than 30 years of production history and mature technology, the basic industrial strength, China's backwardness is too big, and the missile, at the time American and the Soviet Union also only our country has just started, only a few years behind. Tsien Hsueshen said: we make missile easily, make the plane hard, the results of our missiles up.

It is to make full use of the advantage of backwardness. China's pump industry is relatively developed countries, may use the advantage of the great leap forward development in the pump industry examples are also many, such as some pump factory in recent years the rise of new, now they have to with the five pump than the value degree. For example, such as the oil pump pump factory in Shenyang, from 50 in the DR, DJ, FDR, FDJ type pump, to pump of Y type 60's to 80's, AY type pump, has 50 years of production history, for some problems of AY type pump: such as the two level cantilevered structure is not reasonable at room temperature, the unified structure to the high temperature center support structure (in use, normal temperature pump more than high temperature) and so on, the box is too much, it is difficult to transformation, while Dalian acid resistant pump factory did not produce DR, DJ, FDR, FDJ, Y and AY type pump of the frame, and direct the production of ZA, ZE type process pump, and is now in the domestic market for oil pump, high ZA, ZE instead of AY, which is the Dalian acid resistant pump factory make full use of the advantage, to realize the technological leapfrogging development.

50 years after the founding of the PRC, especially the 20 years of reform and opening up, China's tank pump integration and the pump industry, in plant size, economic strength, science and technology base personnel strength and other aspects have a very big development, technology development across the economy and technology base. To sum up, China's pump industry is the ability to leap forward in technology development, but only the implementation of technological leapfrog development, in order to continue to narrow the gap with foreign developed countries, catch up with or exceed the foreign advanced level.

Can foreknow, in twenty-first Century China's tank pump integration and pump industry must make greater development, will play an important role in the "pump in the forest of the world".

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