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County party secretary Zhang Li Xiang Ming wait for a pedestrian to inspect the work of Star

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In May 21, 2008, private industrial park is Jianhu investigation of Zhang Lixiang of secretary of county Party committee, county Su Dong, deputy magistrate of CAI Qunhua a row in the Standing Committee of the county Party committee secretary of town near the Standing Committee Zhang Lianguo accompanied down to our company to inspect.

Accompanied by general manager of the company Ding Zhengjun, Secretary Zhang line cheerfully visited the garden style factory. Modern production workshop. Every detail about the production situation, with interest and shop workers talk about wages and living conditions. Investigation on the way, general manager, has introduced the enterprise development situation and prospects of sales in recent years. When I heard that sold to the international market, praise, support the development trends of our company. Our company bigger and stronger at the same time, requires constant innovation, to build a harmonious. Enjoin near Lake and park leadership for the Mingxing company to provide quality services.

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