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Highest EQ is full of gratitude to go to work

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Before embarking on a career in the son, a father tells his son the three sentence: "met a good leader, be loyal to work for him; if the first job was a good salary, that is your good luck, you need to work hard to Xifu gratitude; if the salary is not ideal, must know at work in honing their skills."

The father is wise. All of the young people should be the three sentence deeply in mind, has always done the things.

Perhaps every job is unable to reach the acme of perfection, but still would like to thank the work environment, thanks to the boss, thank you for every job opportunity, the heart is full of gratitude to work. Even though at first in others, also do not have to care about, should actively take each task as a new beginning, a new experience, a door leading to the success of the doors of opportunity.

Because every job has valuable experience and resources, such as the failure of depression, the joy of success, the boss, colleagues and other harsh competition, these are any worker to success must be feeling and must experience forging.

At present, some internship period in the university graduates, has worked on the first talk with your boss, or just get a little success in the new position, and the competent department for a supply of sth., this is be inopportune or inappropriate. "Then, they should know how to appreciate the enterprise culture, and not care about whether you should take hundreds of yuan of money, should be in their own time to the performance, and then ask the reasonable to enterprise, such ability in the enterprise have greater development."

Programmer Stevens in a software company for eight years, just as he did well, the company went bankrupt. At this time, also coincides with his third son was just born, he must find a new job soon.

There is a software company to recruit programmers, treatment is very good, Stevens was confident to apply. With excellent professional knowledge, he easily passed the written off. Two days to participate in the interview, he was full of confidence.

But the interview, the examiner questions about the future direction of the software development, he has never considered this aspect of the problem, he was down and out.
But the company understanding of software industry to let him find everything fresh and new. He gave the company to write a letter of thanks: "your company to spend manpower and material resources, to provide the written examination, interview opportunity for me, although I lost, but long for a lot of insight. Thank you for your labor, thank you!" This letter circulated through the layers, then was sent to the hands of the president.
Three months later, Stevens was surprised to receive the offer. originally, the company saw him know Thanksgiving character, when a vacancy naturally think of him. This company is American Microsoft Corp. After a dozen years, Stevens with excellent performance became Vice President of the Microsoft.

In the enterprise, know the gratitude of the people will be more popular.
Human resources experts said, many well-known enterprises in the recruitment of staff, was not just about their professional knowledge, but the way they deal with problems and enterprises into the speed, in other words, is can with a heart of thanksgiving to the steadfast personhood, works.

However, now there are many employees can be a stranger every help appreciate favours ignored, be together morning and night boss. They will all this as behoove, as a purely commercial exchange relationship.

While the oil magnate Rockefeller in a letter to his son wrote: now, when I think of I had worked in the company, think of me when the boss Hewett and Mr. Tuttle two, the heart is filled with gratitude, that is the beginning of my career life struggle, under the foundation of success for me, I'll never experience on the three and a half years of grateful. So, I never like some people do complain about the boss said: "we are just slaves, we were employers pressure in the dust, they have pleasure in the beautiful villa, superior. Their coffers filled with gold, for every dollar they have is pressing us these honest workers to."

"I don't know these people who complain ever, who gave their employment opportunities? Who gave them the construction of families may? Who let them get the development of their possible? If they had been aware of others to his crush, why not leave, the end of the press? The work is a kind of attitude, determines that we are happy or not."
Indeed, employment and employed is a kind of contractual relationship, but behind the contractual relationship, there can be no Thanksgiving ingredients?

It is because we have the opportunity, only a matter of survival and realize the value of life stage; we one's ability and cleverness have germination of paradise; our life experience to enrich; our ability and talent have to display their opportunities and space. So, why not tell the leadership, to thank him for giving you the chance?
Of course, everyone's success cannot do without their efforts. But whatever your behavior is so perfect and wise, you can help others to be grateful.

Think of every action of his own, which one without the help of others? It is with colleagues to understand and support, as well as the normal from them to learn the knowledge, can let you have the talent and the chance of promotion.

A successful scientist Anthony said: "the success of the first step is to first have a thankful heart, always on.

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