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Highlights of Mingxing Anti-floating Buried Water Tank


Highlights of Mingxing anti-floating buried water tank

1. No need of welding—galvanized bolts screwed on templates, steel structural framework and fittings to overcome shortcomings of great difficulties and easy rust after welding;

2. Long service life-all bearing materials adopt galvanized bolts and SUS304-2B stainless steel and non-welding assembly, with the sealing material adopts EPDM. The water tank surface adopts epoxy coal tar pitch corrosion resistance. The internal and external tank body adopts double corrosion resistance layers (pitch layer + external galvanized layer + internal galvanized layer + stainless steel layer). If there is damage to galvanized layer during the transport or installation, please adopt heavy corrosion resistance epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy glass flake paint. Therefore, its service life is up to 70 years or above.

3. Short installation period-the longest water installation should be less than 30~50 days;

4. No leakage-EPDM sealing material is adopted between templates;

5. Competitive price-in comparison with stainless steel concrete basin, its cost is similar or lower 30%.

6. Great specification-according to user demands, 1-20000m3 assembly is available, even the infinitely great water tanks (water tanks).

7. Good sanitary effect-the inner wall of the tank adopts food-grade SUS304-2B stainless steel;

8. High strength-the product structure is designed according to steel structure designers fromdesigning institute, the top pressure and side pressure are calculated in 100kN/㎡ under no water condition; the top pressure and the side pressure pass on the tank body and then the steel structure framework.

9. Energy saving and environment protection-This product is renewable and available for the secondary use, completely satisfying current national regulations of environmental protection standards;

10. Zero after-sales service-This product is made of raw materials passed strict acceptance check according to national standards and the strict installation is executed according to enterprise standards, no need of after-sales service.

11. Convenience: On-site opening is available according to demands of construction companies and non-welding connection is adopted to pipes.

Highlights of Mingxing Anti-floating Buried Water Tank 2

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