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Highlights of Mingxing Fire Control Pressure Booster And Pressure Stabilization Equipment


Highlights of Mingxing Fire Control Pressure Booster and Pressure Stabilization Equipment:

1. Energy saving: Save space, no need to build the pump station, saving investment, short installation period.

2. Environmental protection: This pump set is designed in the pump room. during the running process, the noise and vibration are greatly reduced, noise≤65dB.

3. Convenient installation: This equipment is complete set of equipment, with simple design, convenient installation, secondary installation, complete sets of shift, to avoid the adverse factors such as scattered equipment covering a large area.

4. Once fire occurs, the hydraulic pressure of the system declines from PS1 to P2 and the fire pump and the sound-light alarm will be started and when the return signal of the main fire pump cuts down the control power supply of the stabilized pressure pumps, the control function can be recovered by hands.

5. The liquid meter of magnetism rolling board displays the high and low liquid level and transfer the high and low liquid signal, making the equipment shut down and give sound-light alarm at low water level and reset automatically at high water level.

6. Convenient maintenance and overhaul.

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