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Introduction on Mingxing Buried Tank-pump Integration Pump Station



Mingxing buried tank-pump integration pump station adopts food-grade SUS304-2Bstainless steel in the inner wall with anti-floating tank-pump integration structure, composed by assemble water tank and integral-type pump room. The bottom reinforced concrete complete board foundation integrates with the side panel of the pump station and profile, eliminating underground water buoyancy force on the baseboard and saving the installation of baseboard.The pump room of this system is independently set, able to integrate multifunction according to customer demands (single-system pump station, hydrant water supply system; dual system pump station integrates fire hydrant water supply and automatic spraying system; three-system pump station integrates fire hydrant water supply, automatic spraying system and fire monitor fire extinguishing system). The whole system can develop into multiple types and sizes for customer choices.

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