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Introspective self-police and self-motivation, pressure refueling Jiabian

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Jiangsu Mingxing 2014 work summary and 2015 work plan for meeting the perfect curtain call
Jiangsu Mingxing water supply equipment Co. Ltd. in 2014 and 2015 work plan summary meeting officially opened on February 6, 2015, executive vice president of the king Hong Zhi presided over the meeting, company middle-level personnel attended the meeting, also invited the Nanjing Zhongxu company in high teacher. The meeting adopted the minimum one way, help each department to comb out the record of the past year and new year goals, plans and measures. The meeting held two days for.

This conference has two characteristics, one is the performance for the introspection from the police from Li; two is the performance for the pressurized gas up. Introspection, is requiring departments to reflect deeply on their problems, and very seriously. Zijing is the requirement of self-awareness, come up with ways and measures to solve the problem. Self excitation, is strict with themselves, self motivation, toward a higher goal.

Pressure, first of all to self pressurized, did not reach a certain limit, the company to draw a red line, bottom line. Come on, first of all to yourself and optimization of the corresponding resources, its shortage of resources, the company as the case with phase resource; how is not relaxed, to work, to continue to go beyond their own.

This conference to find the problem, to uncover; problem analysis, to find the root cause; to solve the problem, to find a way to. Especially the Ding general comments, really let you feel hot heartbeat ears blush, the meeting was a complete success, has achieved the anticipated effect and requirements.

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