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Ming Star "three innovation" cited Vice Mayor Quanshao Zhou line attention and appreciation

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The morning of August 20, 2014, vice mayor of Yancheng Zhou Shaoquan, Secretary General of Jianhu Tang accompanied by part of the leadership, visits the Jiangsu Ming Star Water Supply Equipment Co. ltd.. They expressed concern and admiration of great Ming Star water supply equipment company made in marketing innovation, technology innovation and management innovation efforts.

Zhou Shaoquan, vice mayor and his party first came to the executive office building company, entered the hall, was attracted by the eastern side of the hall if big business office. Instantly the crowd came andpraise sound: "water supply equipment can do e-commerce?" , accompanied by Jianhu Bureau of Commerce leader immediately connected words: Ming Star water supply equipment is to do e-commerce started." Deputy mayor Zhou Shaoquan is very interested in, went to a business service personnel side, let her give you done demonstration, after reading it, still not quench their thirst, and asked in detail about the play Mingxing company general manager Ding is how to do network promotion, when he learned that Ming Star made a series of promotional work in Alibaba, Baidu, of our exploration and innovation in the market given the affirmation and praise of the full.
Then, Zhou Shaoquan, deputy mayor and other leaders a line to the company product experience center. When our staff presentations by Apple IPad control when water supply equipment operation, everyone was very surprised. Zhou Shaoquan, vice mayor to stop to our general manager asked Ding with our product development innovation, general manager told Zhou Ding familiar, vice mayor, Ming Star only last year to now, there are two products obtained national patent, and another 5 patents pending. Sometimes a product, integrated a number of intellectual property. Deputy mayor Zhou expressed appreciation at the same time on technical innovation of Division I, Division I will encourage further progress.

Finally, deputy mayor Zhou Shaoquan and other leading line leaders visited the company production workshop. See the workers intense but orderly work, all of our management level of organization want. Accompanied by the leadership said, I've also visited some of the equipment of water supply enterprises, but haven't found had a production site water supply equipment is so clean and tidy! It seems that Ming Star in the internal management also have a set of their ow

In fact, Ming Star water supply equipment has been the implementation of "marketing innovation, technology innovation, management innovation" and "three big projects, solid measures to steadily, effectively promoting the healthy and rapid development of the company. This time, Zhou Shaoquan vice mayor of our "three innovations" attention, both in the reason, in contrary to expectation.

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