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Mingxing at takeoff

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Editor's note:
The guard love Limerick ox, now become addiction. Recently, and to this print editorial office sent a poem, poetry inherits the front view, simple poem succinct consistent characteristics, vision like and development. Living in the poetic passion, poetic passion will give him different life. Now pick several songs together with his pre order, you may wish to read a.


The company since the plant, growing business, be on the upgrade of Xinglong business, enterprise development is really make a spurt of progress, a thousand li a day. Back then the difficult business, is really cannot be mentioned in the same breath.

Now Ming Star have modern office building, its unique shape, Art beats nature.; standardized spacious production workshop, the workers are busy all day does not stop, heavy traffic, product line to all over the country; have professional staff, cadres and workers all work diligently and conscientiously, as Lao Ren resentment, actively offer advice and suggestions, in order to Ming Star a better tomorrow, their dedication to youth and wisdom has come from.

Into the factory, see neat car park, which is the symbol of Ming Star in the takeoff of the garden scene; a wild profusion of vegetation of trees, give a person the feeling of vitality, night comes, rows of landscape lamp shed fascinating light, Ming Star really is an outstanding people, a good place for Tianbao ah!

Although I come to the company for not a long time, see Ming Star a good scene, could not help but I heart poetry. The following are a few poems please correct me:

The first

Hong Guan magnificent office building,

Attract customers such as tide.

The door wearing a bouquet of shishi,

The goldfish tank swimming hall.

The first second

The company cadre heart,

Drive the workers to make innovation.

Water reform pioneer,

Make concerted efforts a accent.

The first third

Products online promotion,

The staff of high mood.

Go to work early, late from work,

Do more work hard not to mention.

The first fourth

Jiangsu Dadi education personnel,

The world has its own flowers open.

The water tank on the steps of product,

Income will have doubled year by year,

The first fifth

The company is Ming star,

Dachang is Ming star.

The water tank is Ming star,

The cadre is Ming star,

The staff is the Ming star,

The Ming Star better tomorrow.

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