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"Nanchong food waste management approach" to starting September 1 officially implemented

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The "measures" Nanchong kitchen waste management has been given to the executive meeting of City Hall, will be implemented in September 1st this year. At the same time, the city municipal restaurant kitchen garbage collection, transportation and disposal has started an open bidding process. Nanchong kitchen garbage will be by a qualified enterprises obtain the franchise after the centralized collection, transportation and disposal, avoid others refined into drainage oil into the table.

The "measures" in Nanchong city before the drafting of kitchen waste management, the relevant units have conducted a survey on the kitchen garbage disposal. Investigation shows, the city's existing catering business more than 20000, of which three municipal district of the existing types of catering enterprises more than 8500, 200 tons of garbage generated every day food, waste oil of restaurant kitchen garbage 5 tons, basically for pig feed, waste oil flow direction is unknown, a serious threat to public health and safety, cause attention from all walks of life.

The personage inside course of study says, kitchen waste to achieve effective disposal, there are three key links. The first link is the link of catering enterprises, must be unified installation qualification of oil-water separator, oil, water, slag separation, facilitate the collection of waste oil and solid waste; the second aspect is to through various means to ensure a tender qualified enterprises can collect all kitchen waste, prevent into drainage oil, or not treated when feed; third links is a tender enterprises, must have enough qualification, can guarantee for effective treatment of kitchen waste, waste to treasure.

The first part, through the executive meeting of the Nanchong City Hall "municipality City kitchen garbage collection, transportation and disposal of public bidding plan" clearly stipulates, successful enterprises in the signing of the agreement, within 4 months, the completion of the three District certified catering enterprises oil-water separator installation, kitchen waste oil collection rate reached 90%.

Second links are more critical and complex. The "measures" Nanchong kitchen waste management of restaurant kitchen garbage range is redefined, kitchen garbage classified into city life garbage category, to produce food processing, catering services, livestock and poultry slaughter and other activities outside the household life in the kitchen garbage and waste edible oil waste.

To request, without permission are not allowed to collect, transport, treatment of kitchen waste; kitchen waste by shall not be unauthorized entity or individual to collect, transport, treatment; not the kitchen waste without the harmless treatment of direct fed livestock and poultry; not the kitchen waste or other processing products used in food processing and food sales. This a few crucial, executive will City Hall previously held also clearly this is to guarantee the successful enterprises can collect enough material, avoid the kitchen garbage drain very important administrative means.

Third links, the bidding plan to clear the bid winning enterprises shall closed collection, harmless disposal, resource utilization (the production of products are prohibited from entering the human food chain and for livestock and poultry breeding), in the disposal site factory and the surrounding environment quality is better, the emission standard.

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