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Out misunderstanding enhance risk awareness

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Water supply equipment warranty period, in a small number of sales staff and some clients exist many errors, or a lot of biased understanding.

One of the errors, lucky to know. There are three: one is that the water tank in the buried underground, two or three years later, even a little leakage, also look not to come out, so a long warranty period a little out of the way.

The two is that now the flow of personnel quickly, not to the warranty period, the customer signed a contract parties or leadership has job hopping or job transfer, even if the water supply equipment is out of the question, also nobody, so a long warranty period a no problem.

Three is considered as the warranty to, work, I not necessarily still the company actually, they have no responsibility, even think the salary won the hand, has nothing to do with me.

Misunderstanding two, overconfident. Some people on their own sales products warranty period how long have no bottom, you let him promise to customers in accordance with the provisions of the company's warranty period, he said, are we to their product is not so confident it. Some people say, a certain manufacturer is much smaller than our company, home warranty period longer than us, why can't we do it?

Zone three, the product warranty and product design life be confused. Some comrades asked us, life design company water supply equipment warranty decades, why not so long?
Zone four, the confusion of the different methods of product warranty. Since this year, there are several foreign contract, especially the living water supply equipment contract requirements, equipment failure repair within three days or 5 days, if not repaired, the selling party to provide back-up products allow the buyer to use, otherwise, to claim the number of how many.

All in all, if not clear, will cause the warranty promised chaos, buried the hidden risks to the company.

Correct the biased understanding, we need to master the related knowledge of warranty period, the warranty period of the product design, the life, love the rational and effective communication with the customers, to allow customers to accept, do not affect the business development, but does not increase the risk of the company.

1, the warranty period is the manufacturers commitment to product quality assurance. It is based on a variety of factors, the inherent quality of product characteristics, use of environmental and other comprehensive analysis and research to determine the. Different products have different guarantee period, even if the same kind of product, because of the quality standard of custom is different, the warranty period is not the same. Each component combination products warranty period is not the same, such as fire water supply equipment, composite tank physical period may be appropriately a bit longer, of course, for insurance purposes, as short as possible point, while the pump warranty period is short, because the pump room in most electronic equipment, in use by the current, voltage the surrounding environment, a variety of factors, some of the fault can not identify. Low quality and no wearing parts warranty period.

Generally speaking, the implementation of three packs within the warranty period, Baotui, Baohuan, repair. But not every product can be the implementation of three bags of. Standardized products can be three package, custom is restricted by site conditions, customer return products disposal of such factors of product, it is difficult to make three bag, water supply equipment unless there is a problem of plate quality, usually promises to repair. Standardized products of the three package, the probability is very small on approval, such as mobile phone, host three packets of period of efficacy for a year. Within a year if the host has the performance of fault, within 7 days from the date of purchase, consumers can choose to return, replacement or repair; 8-15 days can only choose a replacement or repair, 15 days after the consumers only enjoy free repair service.

2, the warranty period. Like the name implies, is a producer on the product warranty time commitment. It features and warranty period has the similarities, but also have different point. The difference is, the warranty period, product replacement parts and repair costs are producers, and the warranty period, product replacement parts costs shall be borne by the buyer, producers should bear the cost of repair manual.

The time when the warranty, the warranty period, is usually calculated from the product selling time, in order to Seller's formal invoice date, (no matter whether you use no use, because no good evidence). Our product is with reference to the implementation of building product standards, generally from the acceptance date, but in the implementation of some of the buyer has not approval, until the whole project was over most of the acceptance, delivery to the acceptance of the interval is too long, some without approval is used, some not acceptance. Given these conditions, the warranty period and warranty period of our products is not more long.

3, the design life of the product. Generally speaking, the design of life refers to the product design, product is expected to not lose the use function of the effective use of time. This is an estimate only, rather than several times the conclusions of experiments, may not be one hundred percent accurate. It is divided into material life, economic life, life of technology and the depreciation life.

Life cycle is the new concept of equipment design. It refers to, to take into account all the links in the design stage of product life process, including the design of product planning, design, production, distribution, use, operation, repair and maintenance, until the recovery and the disposal of the entire life cycle process.

Based on the product design life knowledge, we can come to two conclusions, first, the actual service life is only a link in the design life, it is far lower than the design life. Second, the equipment warranty period (warranty) and equipment design life (life) is a completely different concept, is not to be put on a par with the.
Correct the biased understanding, need I

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