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Sales and production work on the docking should pay attention to the problem

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The Sales Department door staff received the order, the production department is responsible for the installation and construction for the customer, this is the two piece of work, how to produce from the sale of a smooth transition to? There is a connection problem. The convergence of the work done is not good, it will cause unnecessary waste and loss of working time. Therefore, it is necessary to process and each link to comb, in order to straighten the whole working process, to ensure the development of the whole work smoothly.

Communicate with production department and sales of docking process should pay attention to what matters? We think that we should pay attention to the following link:
First, the signing of the contract should pay attention to rigorous. One is to pay attention to several cycles. The company pumps the purchasing cycle: 10 working day in the life of water pump, fire pump 15 workers working day. Production cycle: water pump to the warehouse, life, frequency of water supply equipment and no negative pressure device for 3-7 days, 5-7 days of fire fighting equipment (such as a water tank in this cycle synchronization is complete). These cycles do not grasp, casually promise to customers, will lead to big trouble. Two non conventional production requirements of equipment owners proposed, should be timely communication with production department, technical department. Determining the feasible scheme, can sign the contract. Three is the party designated brand accessories, to check the parameters carefully. The following is the company general configuration: living water pump: South, Grundfos; fire pump: Spring meal, Pacific; electric: CHINT, Schneider; soft start: West science; inverter: ABB; touch screen: hollysys. If the customer specify other brand accessories, should communicate with purchasing department, technical department to coordinate. These should also be taken into account the issue of.

Second, pay attention to consider before shipment. One is to pay attention to the problem of the formalities. Sales and shop butt good delivery time, to shop invoiced, fulfill the formalities after delivery to a warehouse, at the same time to indicate the owner to or from the company delivery, the other receiving person phone, whether the box? The goods are once finished or in batches. The two is to pay attention to data with full. The company's normal delivery is carried with the vehicle data: the equipment inspection data (fire qualification and hygiene license built), the warranty card, certificate etc.. If you have special requirements to indicate (such as: pump, valve and electrical data certificate etc.). The best salespeople can own to the on-site inspection and docking. If there are no conditions, to provide and install the personnel docking party personnel and contact number, in order to facilitate the site link. The above are identified, can arrange shipment, if an arrangement is, once the goods sent in the past, it may lead to great trouble.

Third, the installation process and approval according to the strict operation. One is to determine whether a site temporary power supply and water. If there is no solution should be linked with the party. The two is required to determine the foundation beam is in accordance with the drawings size, whether the surface leveling. The installation of the equipment around and at the top of the operating space is abundant. Installed on the roof of the equipment to ensure that can hoist the place. Himself personally better, if not in person, should find relevant personnel to help solve. The three is to determine whether the site by road freight vehicle. If not through to have solutions. Four is to follow a single receipt content control site approval signature, and give an objective narrative works and workers work attitude. Five is the service personnel in the field, may entrust Party A's personnel approval. Our on-site personnel work ended advance notice of acceptance, after half a day no one notice of acceptance as qualified, sales personnel should unconditionally signed receipt.

Fourth, the relevant personnel to the scene of the debugging process. Need to debug, business personnel must first determine the site. To see the equipment and the water inlet pipe is connected and there is water, water outlet pipe is lag is connected and can test pressure, the power supply is to control cabinet, to ensure the necessary conditions of the boot debugging. To do a good job of docking our staff with Party A's relevant personnel. The field debugging personnel should take precautions and normal work of the equipment and the daily maintenance, put forward the basic knowledge and operation personnel, one one handover. Completion of commissioning, according to a single receipt clause check debugging results. The feedback information need to fill in a single receipt at.

Of course, the scene is more complex than imagined, doing the above work is not necessarily the seamless docking, but to achieve seamless docking, doing the above work is a must, on the basis of this, our business and production personnel according to the actual site, play to their wisdom, do meticulous work further.

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