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Secondary water supply for high-rise residential put "inhibition"

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China Jiangsu network April 17th news (reporter ho string photography Wang Xin) the rapid development of the economy make high-rise residential become a city development trend. In 2006, Huaian emerged first built high-rise residential areas, since then, small high-level, high-rise residential urban areas more and more, and have to 100 meters above the high-rise development trend. However, in a certain high-rise residential bring convenience and comfort at the same time to the city life, there are also some post management problems, high-rise residential water supply is one of the two.

At present, the conflict caused by high-rise residential two water intensified, on the one hand, the water companies often because of high water charges in arrears a headache; on the other hand, the cost of the water disputes result in inconvenience aroused dissatisfaction owners. In this act as "third" in the property companies also think the maintenance of two water supply of the post management, is in trouble. So, what is the two water? Why high-rise residential need two water? The current high-rise residential water supply in our city two times late management is exactly what problems exist? What are the causes of these problems? How to resolve these contradictions? This reporter interviewed.
A, high-rise residential needs more than two water supply
What is two water? Before the problem clear, first have a look what is high-rise residential. Generally speaking, 7 layers and 20 meters high canopy of residential above, can be called a high-rise residential buildings, according to different height, high-rise residential buildings can be divided into small high-rise, high-rise and super high-rise. People generally take 7 to 9 floors of the building known as the senior (that is, people often say "small high"), 10 and above for the top layer, the total height of 100 meters above is a super high-rise. At present, in Huaian, a small high-level and high-level is more common in high-rise residential.

Because the municipal water supply pipeline pressure is limited, so the building height above the city water supply service pressure standard of high-rise residential, all need to be the urban public water supply by the host district after the two water supply equipment to supply pressurized residents, two water this is the high-rise residential.

City water company design center director Zhang Wei told reporters, generally more than 6 buildings need two water. "Compared to the raw water, two water quality more easily contaminated, so the two water supply construction, management and maintenance is directly related to the two water quality, water pressure and water supply safety and the everyday life of the people closely related."

Zhang Wei introduces, at present, high-rise residential water supply in our city two times in two main ways. One is the water tank joint water supply + pump. This method is relatively backward, and more for some of the early completion of the old district. It is the shortcomings of the professional needs regular cleaning and disinfection pool, a long time easy to existing water quality and safety problems. The second way is widely used in recent years by a non negative pressure water supply pressurization equipment, is the so-called "network pressure superposed water supply time". This way with high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection does not have two pollution, easy to repair, but there are requirements on the high road near the municipal pipe network. "No negative pressure boosting device request access network of small caliber, low water pressure, otherwise the water will affect other areas around the. So not all high-level can be used without negative pressure boosting device." Zhang Wei said.

B, "total system" charges more

In the interview, the reporter understands, at present our city high-rise residential two times the water fee collection mainly in two ways. The city of about 10 built high-rise residential area will be two water supply for the construction, maintenance, management fully transferred to the municipal water company. Charge and management are responsible by the water company; and another is the current "mainstream" way, that is the property of the two water fees. In the second approach, two water use "charge way table system" most high-rise residential, the total water meter of a small high-rise residential is only a piece of tap water company installed, every household in the points table is developers to purchase and install. Tap water company a monthly charge of water, just copy the table billing, water allocation in every household from the property a one door transcribing, money.

At present, the city water company water directly to the standard price is 2.55 yuan / ton. But high-rise building two water supply cost price needs based on this daily maintenance costs two times with water supply equipment, pressure and power cost two times water supply equipment (i.e., the extra power consumption accounted for a big fee). In addition, if the high-rise residential property is by the withholding of two water fee, but also add water meter loss fee, some copy fee and fee. Several parts together, is only the two time the final price of water supply cost. This is the reason why the above Ms. Yan had to pay 6 yuan per ton of water more than. But according to common sense, Ms. Yan live is 4 buildings, do not need two water, why want to press two times water price standard payment?

Visited the city more than built high-rise residential area, the reporter found, use the first kind of charging method, namely the water company responsible for the maintenance and management of the District, because in place clear responsibilities, management, basic didn't what happened contradictions and disputes, but by the property of collecting taxes two times for water areas are very confusing, contradictory. The property not only charges are different, collecting methods are not the same. Despite such as artificial cost aside, some property will be two water power fee Tanru water, there will be a power all entered the property costs. But, at present the area of high-rise residential two water dynamic

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