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Some highlights of the box integration of product pump

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Recently, our tank pump integration products obtained national patent authorization, we are the product declaration to the provincial high-tech products. However, such products have what characteristic, advantages and bright? Some of our comrades, and customers are still not understand, for some, we invite competent technique of Wang Linquan boss of the product to do a lecture, hoping to benefit everyone can.

The technical field

The utility model relates to a box and pump integrated pumping station, in particular relates to a tank pump pumping station integrated in pit from groundwater buoyancy free floating type connecting structure.

The technical background

According to the provisions of the atlas "intelligent box and pump pumping station integrated design atlas" and "Su S/T08-2009 HDXBF intelligent tank pump pumping station integrated application of atlas" Atlas 2011 Shanghai J/T-171 and requirements, assembled stainless steel water tank box pump integration in pumping station or composite stainless steel water tank body, is usually made of stainless steel or composite stainless steel bottom plate, side plates, roof with stainless steel screws or galvanized screw assembly, and the bottom plate, side plates, the top plate are respectively is composed of a plurality of stainless steel or stainless steel composite molded block according to a certain module and seal assembly, in order to meet the needs of reservoir water. Because of the link structure, increase on-site installation trouble, not only the consumption of stainless steel plates, fasteners, seal, artificial cost, and long construction period; a plurality of connecting surface exists, left several leak; pressure testing and detection and repair are also very inconvenient; in addition, a fatal flaw is: the original box set aside on the ground beam, the rise of ground water level to generate buoyancy, the box body under the action of buoyancy of the float, dumping, or even all the flattening deformation. Therefore, the complete elimination of buoyancy on the box bottom plate of the box body, avoid a plurality of leak point, solve troublesome installation, installation defects of long construction period, save material and human resources of the objective, is an important link in the design of pump pumping station integrated buried box.

The content of the invention

The utility model aims at providing a box and pump integrated floating pumping station, through the structure of water storage tank bottom plate, side plates of the box body used to cancel the whole plate connected with reinforced concrete foundation, not only completely eliminate the effect of buoyancy on the box body, and the bottom plate of the box body without leakage point, convenient installation, construction cycle is short, save manpower and material resources.

The utility model is implemented through the following technical scheme: a tank pump integration without floating pumping station, including stainless steel water tank, fire hydrant pump, spray pump, steel profiles, a connecting bolt, pit and pre buried bolt, the pit by reinforced side wall foundation and the bottom of the concrete foundation and a whole plate of reinforced concrete the whole plate beneath the foundation of sand gravel cushion structure; the fire hydrant pump and spray pump buried in the reinforced concrete foundation of whole board by pre buried bolt fastening on the whole plate of reinforced concrete foundation, and placed in a stainless steel water tank, which is characterized in that:

Stainless steel water tank which is composed of a top plate and a side plate;

Channel profiles described above by connecting the bottom surface of stainless steel water tank walls side plate connecting bolts, and in between is provided with a rubber sealing strip;

Reinforced concrete rectangular plane of the entire plate foundation is provided with a concave, its length is greater than the length of the stainless steel water tank, stainless steel water tank is wider than the width;

Channel section below the pre buried bolt fastening on the whole board concave plane reinforced concrete foundation, and is formed between the rubber sealing strip;

Sealant is filled between the reinforced concrete whole plate on the basis of concave plane and concave side and channel section, and the sealant for copper silicon sealant or silicon steel structure adhesive;

Between the channel steel and reinforced concrete section below the entire board concave plane connection based pre embedded bolt top still under the sealant inside.

The box body of the utility model plates and the reinforced concrete foundation of the whole plate are connected into a whole sealing, not only saved the bottom material removal, installation link bottom, and completely avoids the effect of underground water on the tank bottom plate, the bottom plate of the box body and eliminates leakage, overcomes the disadvantages of long construction period, but also increased bottom strength.

The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure design, no buoyancy, high strength, good sealing performance, low cost.

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