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Stainless Steel Water Tank

1) Completely anti rusted, using life up to 70 years;
2) Seismic rating are 6, 7, 8, 9 degree;
3) SUS30408 health stainless steel material;
4) Saving labor; Saving energy; Saving material; Environmental;
5) High strength;
6) Long life, cost-effective;
7) Easy to clean.

SW Integrated water tank

Stainless Steel Water Tank 1

1. SWB Integrated water tank: The tank which assembled with SUS304 stainless steel plate module ;

2. SW - Ⅰ Integrated water tank: The tank's Single plate use SUS304-2B stainless steel and hot galvanized whose manufacturing process is Modular assembled with one- time molding and stretching which use of a metal adhesive

3. SW - Ⅱ Integrated water tank: The tank's two-sided plate use SUS304-2B stainless steel and hot galvanized whose manufacturing process is Modular assembled with one-time molding and stretching which use of a metal adhesive

4. SWD Integrated water tank: assembled with Compression Molding all galvanized material.

Thickness: 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 3.4, 3.8

Stainless Steel Water Tank 2


1) Completely prevent the water tank to be rusted, you can use it up to 70 years: the box module is one-time molding and stretching,No welds,build up with bolt,Avoid intergranular corrosion which occur After welding and stress corrosion

2) After detection of Southeast University,Structure fully meet the "building and equipment seismic design specifications" seismic requirements,Seismic rating are 6,7 ,8,9 degree.

3) Health: all parts made up with SUS30408 health stainless steel material which Immersion in water;

4) Energy saving:

Saving labor - compared to the original welding tanks can reduce about 50% duration , such as: 50m3 tank normally need 10 normal individuals to welding ,The SW tank only need five individual workers;

Saving energy- entire assembly process does not require welding,can save 99% energy compare with welding tank.

Saving material- inside the SW water tank without Stretch,can save 30% material compare with welding tank.

Environmental: Compared with welding tank,our products can Secondary disassembly and recycling.

5) High strength: The strength are better than or equal 235 steel, molded by the convex arc coupled with an X-shaped, strength are more than 3 times of convex arc.

6) Long life, cost-effective: for example, with the same volume tank,price is same.Welding tank's life ended up to 10 years for the rust corrosion,But ours is more than 70 years.So you saved alots of money.

7) Easy to clean:without internal reinforcement,safe for worker,Easy to cleaning,And safe for labour.

Scope: suitable for life cold&hot water tank, fire water tank, underground water tanks.

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