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Stainless steel water tank price and mechanical wear and corrosion

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Acetylene bottle inspection. Acetylene bottles before filling. Filling unit should have full-time personnel to check. Inspection found that one of the following circumstances, prohibit filling: acetylene bottle no manufacturing license production unit. Second, without the above the provincial level (including the provincial quality technical supervision department inspection site) Chun institutions qualified inlet acetylene bottle. The file is not in the acetylene bottle of the filling unit to save and not to apply for a temporary filling modification formalities.

Acetylene bottle belongs to one of the following circumstances, must be properly handled otherwise prohibited filling: the color tag does not conform to the rules or the surface paint color off serious. The mark is not complete or not recognition. The incomplete attachment, damaged or not in accordance with the provisions of the. For the first time by filling or disassembly, replacement of valve, fusible plug. Without replacement.

Stainless steel water tank acetylene bottle price is one of the following circumstances. Must send acetylene bottle inspection unit inspection, processing. Otherwise prohibited disassembly: 1. Over the period of inspection. The bottle body corrosion and mechanical wear surface defect serious. According to the relevant standards should be scrapped. The fusible alloy melting, loss and damage. The bottle mouth is connected with the valve side product of carbon black or coke oil foreign body. There is doubt the quality, the packing of the solvent in the bottle. The other to affect the safe use of defects.

Residual pressure check. Acetylene bottles in before filling in addition should according to the requirements for visual inspection and processing. The focus is to check to make sure the residual pressure and solvent bottle feeding quantity. There is residual pressure enough must acetylene bottles to prevent mixing with air. Acetone filling. Acetone acetylene bottle in the cylinders in use process. Often dissipated release acetylene gas cylinder filling with, so before each bottle side actual quality (weight), examined by turn side Yi Qiao the situation, in order to determine its added the most.

The note exhausted matters in filling. Acetylene cylinders in the filling process, must pay attention to the following items: acetylene cylinders filling should be carried out in twice, each time after static filling shall be not less than 8h. and shall close the cylinder valve. Acetylene bottle filling pressure. In any case not more than 2.5MPa. We should strictly control the filling speed, the volume of a gas filled tank flows should be less than. The inflation process, application of cooling water is sprayed evenly to prevent acetylene cylinders. Temperature is too high, produces the decomposition reaction.
Filling, de hours at least once a bottle valve outlet, the valve rod and the fusible plug and other parts for leaks. Found that leakage should be immediately and properly handle. If the interrupt acetylene bottle filling needs to continue filling, must ensure that the acetylene gas pressure filling pipe inside is greater than or equal to the acetylene cylinder internal limiting force can open the bottle valve and the branch switch cabinet. Check after filling. After filling the cylinders. The first static 24h, so the pressure is stable, the overflow degree balance unqualified gas cylinder factory is strictly prohibited.

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