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Strengthen the non-negative frequency of water supply equipment and stainless steel tanks Enterprise Oversight

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(1) the education factory leaders and workers, to establish "safety first, prevention first. Thought, earnestly improve safety regulations, earnestly implement the responsibility system for production safety. (2 strict rules. Strictly observe labor discipline. Real change lax discipline, lax management, not through the chapter and the phenomenon of Qiao situation. (3) to improve the production equipment and storage facilities, the level of automation and management. (4) the relevant departments should strengthen supervision and management of the enterprise, timely find the existence of the business of accident hidden danger, and urged to make rectification work. (5) causes serious analysis. Summarize the experience and lessons. The study and formulate and drill accident emergency top case.

The state of valve. Non negative pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment and stainless steel water tank factory survey found, light diesel oil, naphtha unloading before A who is full of E. Two valves unloaded tubing to naphtha ^ tank are open, the total valve to a light diesel oil tank is closed. Unloading diesel oil, light diesel oil can not enter a light diesel oil tank. Only from the bottom of naphtha tank nozzle into A ^ naphtha tank, and cause the naphtha from the tank top foreign aids.

Naphtha A tank foundation and ground near the burned discoloration. Naphtha A tank larvae without rupture. And a fire bank tens of millions of square meters of lime stone road ground 2/3 was accumulated oil burned discoloration, about half of them into the white lime; naphtha A cement based male burned bifida and expose the reinforcing bars, the situation on the ground to save only in many product oil combustion can. And other oil e after the fire. A fire Bank of ground and foundation of tank intact.

Stainless steel water tank factory of similar accident prevention measures
Through the analysis of micro chemical killed and located on the accident, the accident is caused to determine leakage stone brain oil.

The indirect reason is Beijing Dongfang Chemical Factory production safety management confusion, the post responsibility system and other rules and regulations are not implemented. In addition, also reflects the end of low automatic control level, between valley area and pan support real distance and no wall problem.

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