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Tank pump integrated pumping equipment operating principle and Products

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Box and pump integrated equipment of pumping station water inlet pipe and water pipe network is directly connected, water in the water pipe network residual pressure driven pressure into the water inlet of the equipment, the pressure pump equipment continue to pressure in the water on the basis of the residual pressure, the water pressure increased to the user when the required pressure to supply water to the water pipe network; when the user is using more water than tap water pipe network water supply, water pipe network pressure drop, when the equipment inlet pressure reduced to the absolute pressure is less than 0 (or the set of network protection pressure), automatic start work pressure prevention and control device,The running state of the equipment until the equipment shutdown standby, ensure that the water inlet pipe network pressure no longer reduces and the adverse impact on the water pipe network; when to restore the water supply capacity of tap water pipe network, water inlet pipe network pressure returned to protect the pressure above, equipment start automatically resume normal water supply; when the water pipe network residual pressure to meet user requirements for water supply, equipment automatically enter the dormant state, by the water pipe network directly to the user equipment water supply, automatic recovery operation of water supply is insufficient; when the user does not need water or water is very small, the device automatically enters the engine off the dormant state, by the small flow regulator in equipment water side of the holding pressure tank to maintain the number of users and the pipeline leakage of water, water users and stabilizing pressure maintaining tank can not maintenance of water supply pipe network pressure required, equipment, Automatic wake-up, restore the normal operation of. Make full use of the residual pressure of tap water pipe network in process equipment operation, always not only can adversely affect the water pipe network and the maximum to meet customer needs, reduce water consumption, to achieve the optimal operation of water supply system.

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