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The price of oil and water separator and gas welding and thermal cutting

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Welding is a welding method using a gas flame as heat source. The gas flame is formed by burning combustible gas and mixed gas assist tender tender, when the heat energy generated by the T flame melting of the base metal and filler metal. It can be used for welding.
Gas welding is the most commonly used acetylene and oxygen. Acetylene and oxygen flame burning mixed 0 form called long acetylene flame. The temperature can reach 3150 DEG C.

The oil-water separator price compared with SMAW. Flame heating, easy control of molten pool temperature, is easy to realize uniform penetration and one side welding; gas welding equipment is simple, easy to move, the construction site is not limited to. But the gas flame temperature than arc low heat emblem, heating is comparatively slow. Low productivity welding deformation is serious. In addition, the lack of effective protection of welded joints of it is not high quality.

Gas welding is mainly applied to 3 mm below the low carbon steel sheet and thin wall pipe and cast iron welding welding thickness of aluminum, steel and alloy. When the T requirement is not high, stainless steel water tank price can also be used welding soft mouth cylinder is a high pressure container storage and transport gas discovery right (figure 3 a 22). Industrial soft cylinder is a seamless container used high quality carbon steel or low alloy steel after hot extrusion, nosing into. In accordance with the provisions of the outer surface. The oxygen bottle painted sky blue paint with black paint. Well marked with "stage gas". The most commonly used long cylinder volume is 40L, working at 15 MPa under the pressure of gas storage level 6 m3.

Using the oxygen bottle must ensure the safety of the note exhausted gas cylinder explosion preventing a wrench. Placing long cylinders to smooth and reliable, should not be mixed together with other cylinders; transport axis should ramble free pick hit each other; oxygen cylinder shall be close to the welding work site and other image (such as a furnace, the suction plate); the summer to prevent freezing winter. Selenium, wide doors when strict common fire, application of hot water defrosting; power cylinders on oil contamination is strictly prohibited.

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