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Urban Water Supply - Water testing standards for tank

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Old house, old pipeline, so often "yellow water" problem, so Is it right? Means that drinking water can new cell rest assured drink? The answer is not sure. What problems will appear in where? Hurry with our help girls go to know.

Reporter Shen Dan: "so for many live in a high-rise,tap water, there may be some people who don't know, they all use the pressurized water supply, which is two times of water, for which some two water supply of residents, their home into the household water, in fact, come with me where there is a relationship. My position now where is the station, water garden district pressurized water supply, the water station is composed of a water tank and a pressure pump, so to say, at the entry process, live in high-rise water user his safety, with the local health, clean and standard is very relative, so today, our staff to the scene to measure, the user of more than seven layers of Jing Yuan Xiao Qu, their water Is it right? Standards."

Health supervision staff told to help girls, to whether the monitoring of high users of the drinking water standard, the key is to check, the pressurized water tank.

Taizhou City Health Authority Deputy Director Huang Ming: "because the water inside the water out is qualified, to the (small), because the water tank of the relationship, if it is long not clean, disinfection, no one management, then the health problems of the tank will be very big, will cause some problems for residents of drinking water safety."

This is the big water tank stainless steel, garden garden more than 7 layers of the user's drinking water storage station, is also the most easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices the place.

Taizhou City Health Authority Deputy Director Huang Ming: "there are three root canal, the two now into the households to the inside, the root (pipe) and horizontal lines are the same, now take out the inside of the water, is actually to the household water inside, we send the samples out, out later, we quickly monitoring on the spot, see accords with requirements."

Reporter: "we this test is what project?"

Personnel hygiene supervision work in Taizhou City: "detection is the residual chlorine."

"Now we have put up detection is?"

"On the"

"Out of the result?"

"To, is probably the residual chlorine (0.2 mg per litre) or so."

"Is to meet the requirements? How is or

"In line with national hygiene requirements."

Taizhou City Water Company Limited Water Department deputy director Ying Zhihua: "we are prescribed by the state, must be greater than 0.05 mg per liter, now he detected was 0.2 mg per liter, the standard provisions of the state, is to protect the water in the water supply pipe network inside, there is a continuous disinfection effect."

In addition to chlorine indicators, the staff also for household tap water turbidity, pH value, also conducted on-site sampling detection, results are standard.

Taizhou City Health Authority Deputy Director Huang Ming: "we through the on-site rapid detection, can find him here in drinking water, Is it right? Often keep the tank health, their disinfectant Is it right? After the necessary cleaning and disinfection, and stamped, locking, and the person responsible for the safety of drinking water, after the occurrence of pollution accidents, whether they able to take some necessary report system, etc.."

Huang Ming told to help girls, in addition to community detection into households, the publicity week, they will also go into a bustling commercial district and rural waterworks, water quality supervision. The plan by the end of 2014, the Taizhou city health supervision by the quality supervision and testing of the city's water supply units, up to 100% full coverage.

If the front of the television audience, what is the drinking water health problems, can dial the hotline for the water sector, solution. You can also call the Taizhou city health supervision by the report telephone: 96301, to report.

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