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Water tank next to the filter plant technology Jiangzhuo

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The bypass filter facilities in good condition is to ensure a multiple of concentration and turbidity standard technology. Side filter design treatment capacity is usually circular consumption 2% -5%; fiber ball filter can remove most of suspended solids, cat mud and emblem biology. Impurity backwashing captured will vary with the backwash water discharge system, but can not reduce the hardness of water and salt silk. The backwash water impurity concentration from more than sewage system, so impurities emitted more and consumption of water. That is at least through the side ripple can make the discharge significantly decreased in t. My unit using fiber ball filter water backwashing. Regularly used. With the help of stirrer to stir the suspension, withdrawal of drilling mud capture biological separation and fiber ball. Along with the backwash water discharge. Usually the effluent turbidity

In order to prevent mixing equipment frame fault, we through the heart of the backwashing pressure test shoot. Water tank factory on the rational backwashing pressure difference were controlled effectively. The successful realization of the organic combination of the lowest turbidity and the minimum amount of sewage, truly saving energy and reducing exhaust purposes; to prevent the beside filter water gastric larvae aging rupture leading to fiber ball into the cooling tower, the water in our stomach is installed above the high strength stainless steel wire mesh and in the purified water outlet is provided with a fiber ball catcher. And ensure the safe operation of circulating water system, spider valve using in March this year overhaul on female is comprehensive treatment and attractive DCS, a key position to install a hand valve which eliminates the valve leakage run leading to the old problem of low multiple concentration.

Three techniques described above can make the realization of high concentration multiple of circulating water operation, but the turbidity is the main factor affecting the promotion of concentration multiple. Because the main control index is the cycle of water turbidity, requirement < IOm L. The higher the concentration multiple of circulating water. The salt content of the water doubled, Ca2 + alkali > 1200mg/L turbidity is increased. In order to control the turbidity does not exceed the standard tend to circulating water and sewage. A concentrated multiple emission cannot be guaranteed. The turbidity and the concentration multiple is a pair of contradictions, to resolve this contradiction is the best use of the bypass filter facility.

Circulating water through the filtration and can play the role of water purifying and descending the turbid, is very important for the operation of high concentration multiple of circulating water filter, which can ensure the circulating water turbidity <10mg/L. Circulating water field to install spare side pigeon device. The alternate use, should always check, maintenance, replacement and other objects. Water tank factory side filter can ensure the normal operation of the turbidity of < 10mg/L (adding biocides except) and concentrated multiple >5 times.

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