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Well good, general manager of Oxfam praised by the media

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He, scattered human feelings, the charity as a living habits, life, charity constantly;
He, 10 years of helping the poor, donate, sponsored social undertakings, help people to count, only the last 5 years to charity funds up to 500000;

He is the general manager of Yancheng Mingxing, water supply equipment Co. Ltd. Ding Zhengjun - a rich source, back to society, to contemporary entrepreneurs continue to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng's kindness.

The above paragraphs, in March 5th of this year, the CPC Yancheng municipal Party Committee organ (salt masses newspaper) published (when the charity becomes a habit) a paper.

This article from the industry rich: he does not forget when drip grace, a dream: for others to solution as pressing danger, two principles: love and eternal, three kind of identity: the charity as the four sides of a living habits, introduction and praised the Ding Zhengjun general manager Lei Feng doing good touching deed.

Ding Zhengjun general manager to carry out charitable activities for 10 years, never discontinuous, is a charitable messenger. As early as 2010 Jianhu television, Jianhu newspaper interviewed reported. This year, the Nanjing television station, Jiangsu province radio journalist calls about visiting taiwan.

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