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Workmanship of Mingxing Anti-floating Buried Water Tank


Workmanship of Mingxing Anti-floating Buried Water Tank 1

According to customer demands, materials of water tanks are classified into galvanized steel panels, stainless steel panels or composite boards, etc. Manholes adopt slide ways, with 24h unpowered ventilating cap. The structure adopts the steel structure. It adopts bolt assembly and welding assembly. The internal water tank structures and materials are all-around scaffold or portal steel-framed structure; galvanized steel pipes or composite plastic profile materials; the internal structure and materials of the pump room is portal steel-framed structure; the material is galvanized joint steel, or composite reinforced joint steel; with C15 concrete as the bedding, with a thickness of 150mm; C30 anti-permeability reinforced concrete on the bedding, making leveling. The basic size and the pump station size are not more than 1000mm. The thickness of anti-permeability reinforced concrete is 500mm. There is an emergency drainage system consisted of a large pump WQ100-15-7.5 and a small pump WQ20-15-1.5 in the pump room. The sump is reserved in producing the basis and the size is designed according to the flow of 5 min inflow in the tank; if this size is not enough, it should guarantee the sewage in the pump room less than or equal to 100mm, designed raising the water pump and control cabinet height.

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