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Workmanship of Mingxing Fire Water Supply Equipment


Workmanship of Mingxing Fire Water Supply Equipment


1) The air pressure tank of the fire water supply equipment confirms to national standards and requirements of building fire protection design in volume, air pressure, water level and the working pressure.

2) The installation of the safety valve and the pressure gauge of the fire water supply equipment should confirm to the requirement of operating manual.

3) the installation position, the water inlet and the water outlet of the fire water supplyequipment should confirm to the design requirement; in the installation, the surrounding should require the channel, its width should be less than 0.7m and the distance from the top of the firefighting pressure water supply to the floor or the beam bottom should be no less than 1.0m.

4) The equipment should make an unboxing inventory on site. The installation should take post after making level and grouting. The pipe connection and the electronic control wiring should refer to the drawing and verify correct.

5) After installation, it must conduct equipment debugging and test run, including the start-stop control of the water pump, the switch of the valve, the cleaning of the equipment, and test run after filling water.

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