Knowledge of fabricated galvanized steel plate water tank

Oct 28, 2022

1、 Product features:
Material selection: Q235 handmade steel plate is selected to make the galvanized water tank last longer and prevent secondary pollution of water quality.
Structure: galvanized punching plate and evenly distributed lacing bars inside the box make the box bear pressure evenly and reasonably.
Convenient and fast construction: standard stamping plates 1000 * 1000, 1000 * 2000, 1000 * 3000mm can be assembled and welded on site at will without hoisting equipment.
The cabinet is light and beautiful: the stamping process makes the galvanized water tank cabinet more pressure bearing, reduces the material thickness, and meets the aesthetic and practical requirements of the cabinet.
2、 Scope of application: water supply, heating and ventilation, fire protection systems for various industrial and civil buildings; Food, beverage, liquor making and water treatment industries; Medicine and petroleum; Flexible and reasonable shape design can be applied to vessels of various size combinations.
3、 Installation instructions:
1. Requirements for galvanized water tank foundation: the geometric dimensions of concrete foundation shall be determined according to relevant regulations. Height difference of concrete foundation plane < 5mm
2. Installation, construction and acceptance of galvanized water tank: professional welders conduct argon arc welding on site. Standard power supply is available at the construction site. There is ≥ 500mm maintenance space around the water tank. No rust and pollution during appearance inspection: the box is qualified if there is no obvious deformation and no leakage within 24 hours after filling with water.
3. Use, repair and maintenance of galvanized water tank: when piping, do not impose excessive load on the inlet and outlet of piping. The weight of valves and large diameter pipes shall not be directly applied to the water tank inlet. If necessary, pipe supports shall be provided. Flexible expansion joints must be installed for expansion, contraction and vibration of welded pipes.
4. Galvanized water tank configuration and supporting accessories.