Stainless steel water tank manufacturers install stainless steel assembled water tank site

Jul 28, 2022

The base of the stainless steel splicing water tank

(1) The geometric size of the water tank base should be configured according to the size of the water tank chassis;

(2) Maintain a horizontal plane between each cement pier (or channel steel);

(3) Non-standard water tanks and special-shaped stainless steel water tanks are designed by the manufacturer.

Stainless steel water tank internal support tie

Main tie bar: It plays the main compressive role to prevent the deformation of the water tank. There is a 1-meter interval in the interior, but for large water tanks, it is necessary to reduce the spacing to ensure that the water tank will not be deformed. At the same time, the material thickness of this kind of lacing bar is also thick, so everyone should pay attention to identification when purchasing to prevent the lacing bar being too thin and causing the water tank to be deformed. Diagonal tie bars: It plays the role of sharing the tension force of the main tie bars, and is second only to the main tie bars in material thickness, and its setting spacing is also consistent with the main tie bars. Column: The role of the column is special, it is to support the top plate, so the material thickness of this tie bar is the same as that of the main tie bar. The above is the internal structure of the stainless steel water tank that we have interpreted for you this time by Shandong Zhuxing. I hope everyone can understand what the interior of the stainless steel water tank looks like and what kind of internal structure through our introduction. is reasonable.