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  • 01-10
    Highest EQ is full of gratitude to go to work

    Before embarking on a career in the son, a father tells his son the three sentence: "met a good leader, be loyal to work for him; if the first job was a good salary, that is your good luck, you need to work hard to Xifu gratitude; if the salary is not ideal, must know at work in honing their skills. Read More »

  • 01-10
    The Mingxing Song

    The main song [1]Clear green water ah Ching, Ming Star has deep feelingTo strive for innovation, lamps and candles of a myriad families XingEveryone encouraging each other, hand in hand altogether endeavourWe Ming Star people, only for the clear green water, clear see Ming[Chorus]The night felt, sta Read More »

  • 01-10
    Mingxing at takeoff

    Editor's note:The guard love Limerick ox, now become addiction. Recently, and to this print editorial office sent a poem, poetry inherits the front view, simple poem succinct consistent characteristics, vision like and development. Living in the poetic passion, poetic passion will give him different Read More »

  • 01-10
    The Mingxing song (two)

    Why are we so tenderThe love in the heart ah as a streamIn order to create a better lifeWe don't quit hardship tiredAs good as water, social commitmentA storm ah road dedicationWhy do we board.Persistent steps such as meandering riverIn order to pursue green dreamWe don't quit the Beatles to swell t Read More »

  • 01-10
    Water Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Ming Star line went Yancheng electricity supplier Man Army study of ecological agriculture

    On 24 January 2015, Jiangsu Ming Star Water Supply Equipment Co Ltd Business Department of a line to the Jianhu Gao Zuo Zhen Jun Mann ecological agriculture science and technology limited company to visit testing study.Yancheng City Jun Mann agriculture science and technology limited company is a co Read More »

  • 01-10
    Introspective self-police and self-motivation, pressure refueling Jiabian

    Jiangsu Mingxing 2014 work summary and 2015 work plan for meeting the perfect curtain callJiangsu Mingxing water supply equipment Co. Ltd. in 2014 and 2015 work plan summary meeting officially opened on February 6, 2015, executive vice president of the king Hong Zhi presided over the meeting, compan Read More »

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Jiangsu Mingxing Water Supply Equipment CO., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of water supply equipments.
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Contact us

Mobile Number0086-15365682888

Tel0086- 0515-80663333

Zip Code224700

WhatsApp +8615365682888



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