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What is super rigid double-sided arc rib plate?
The internal and external surfaces of the plate body are in a two-way arc rib (ripple) structure. The two-way arc rib (ripple) structure is provided with arc grooves and arc bulges at intervals along the length direction of the plate body. The arc grooves and arc bulges are set continuously and smoothly with each other. The vertical distance between the connecting line of the lowest point of the arc groove and the connecting line of the highest point of the arc bulge is 30~90mm, generally 55mm. The module can reduce the concentrated impact and force dissipation of the pressure inside the water tank by setting a two-way arc rib (corrugated) structure, which makes the module more rigid and more resistant to deformation, thus improving the service life and stability of the water tank or pump house structure.
Features of super rigid double-sided arc rib plate:
1. There is no plane space between adjacent arc grooves and arc bulges;
2. The adjacent arc grooves and arc bulges are designed symmetrically in the center; The included angle between the folded edge and the plate body is 135 °; The thickness of the module is 1.8~5mm; The length is 800~4800mm;
3. The super rigid two-way corrugated module is made by one-time metal stamping and stretching with a specific die;
4. The module is made of stainless steel, carbon steel, hot-dip galvanized materials, stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized composite materials.
Advantages of super rigid double-sided arc ribbed water tank:
1. The high rigidity plate is molded into a double-sided arc rib shape, and the rigidity is more than 3 times higher than the traditional large module plate;
2. No tie bars: subvert the traditional internal structure of the water tank, and realize no transverse tie bars in the water tank
3. Easy to clean: the internal structure of the water tank is simple, greatly reducing the difficulty of cleaning
4. No ponding: the innovative bulge plates of the top and bottom plates of the ground type water tank have no ponding and dead corners at the bottom and bottom

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stainless steel,Hot galvanized material,Carbon steel material



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-40 C/-20 c





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Wooden pallet,container or as your request

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