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Product Description & Parameters

Further improve the safety and stability of water supply equipment to ensure that the official pressure is always maintained above the minimum service pressure.


Equipment parameters and operating conditions:


◎ Flow range: 0-300m³/h


◎ Pressure range: 0-2.5mpa


◎ Pressure adjustment accuracy: ≤ 0.01mpa


◎ Ambient temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃, if beyond this range must take corresponding measures;


◎ Relative humidity: no more than 90% (20℃), no condensation;


◎ Power supply: three-phase five-wire 380V×(±5%) 50Hz±2Hz;


◎ Three-phase voltage unbalance rate: ≤3%


◎ Altitude: not more than 1000m, if more than, the control components must be adjusted accordingly;


◎ Site environment: There is no conductive or explosive dust, no gas, steam or other media that corrodes metal or destroys insulation.


Application scope:


◎ Residential water: such as high-rise buildings, residential communities, villas, etc.


◎ Public places: hospitals, schools, stadiums, golf courses, airports, etc.


◎ Commercial buildings: such as hotels, office buildings, department stores, large saunas, etc.


◎ Irrigation: such as parks, amusement parks, orchards, farms, etc.


◎ Manufacturing: such as manufacturing enterprises, washing devices, food processing plants, etc.


Product Introduction:


◎ Digital full frequency conversion double tank non-negative pressure water supply equipment is mainly composed of non-negative pressure constant pressure chamber, high pressure stabilized pressure chamber, inlet pressure multiple control and protection system, digital display vacuum suppressor, pump set, outlet summary pipe, outlet pressure multiple control and protection system, intelligent frequency conversion control cabinet, etc. The equipment can be directly connected with the municipal water supply pipe network, make full use of the municipal pipe network pressure and ensure that the municipal water supply pipe network will not cause negative pressure impact.


◎ When the municipal pipe network pressure is sufficient, the municipal pipe network water into the non-negative pressure constant pressure chamber, through the frequency conversion speed control pump group pressure water supply. At the same time, part of the water equal to the pressure at the outlet of the equipment enters the high-pressure regulator chamber through the compensation pipe. When the municipal pipe network is short of water supply and the pressure approaches the municipal minimum service pressure, the high-pressure regulator chamber provides water to the inlet end to ensure that the pipe network pressure is always maintained above the minimum service pressure.


◎ When the user uses less water at night, the water in the high pressure regulator chamber can be directly supplied to the user, reducing the start and stop of the equipment. Greatly improve the safety and stability of water supply equipment.


Equipment functions and advantages:


  1. Some functions of the equipment:


◎ Energy saving, no negative pressure function: on the premise of ensuring that the municipal government does not produce negative pressure, make full use of the municipal surplus pressure, energy saving effect is obvious;


◎ Upper municipal pressure regulator compensation function: our company's patent design of a double tank system, with no negative pressure constant pressure chamber, high pressure regulator chamber, digital display vacuum suppressor and other devices, municipal pressure slightly fluctuated, has a good effect of stable pressure and steady flow, stable upper municipal pressure and reduce frequent switching water pump;


◎ Multiple control and protection functions for inlet and outlet water pressure: pressure sensing and control devices for inlet and outlet water are equipped with multiple control and protection functions.


  1. Partial advantages of equipment:


◎ Environmental hygiene: fully closed design, not connected with the outside world during operation, the flow parts in contact with water are made of high quality food grade stainless steel material, to prevent secondary pollution;


◎ Process advantages: the pressure stabilized non-negative pressure tank adopts single-sided welding and double-sided forming welding process, the inner wall of the tank is smooth without cracks, the tank flow channel is better, and the service life is longer;


◎ Saving floor area: compact design of equipment, eliminating the need for civil water tank or water tank, saving project investment, and saving equipment floor area;


◎ Special shock absorber for water pump: high quality rubber shock absorber for water pump, good buffer effect, reduce vibration and noise of water pump during operation;


◎ Multi-function water quality online monitoring system (optional) : The multi-function water quality online monitoring system designed by our company can reflect the water quality on PC terminal and mobile terminal in real time through the real-time monitoring of water quality indicators such as residual chlorine, turbidity and pH in the water of the equipment. If the data is abnormal for several times, it will send notification information to the remote monitoring platform and relevant personnel, and arrange relevant personnel to deal with it in time.


◎ Appearance patent: complete sets of equipment and control cabinet have been professionally designed and patented;


◎ Quiet and energy saving one machine: water pump one machine high protection integration design, simple and compact, the overall form of rich levels, no speed sensor vector control permanent magnet synchronous machine, excellent performance. Can realize single pump control and multi-pump intelligent online operation, ultra-low noise design, more comfortable hearing. Synchronous machine efficiency IE5 design, high efficiency and energy saving. IP55 high protection design, dustproof and waterproof.

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