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Product Description & Parameters

The intelligent pump set equipment, which is processed and upgraded on the basis of the traditional fire pump set, has the advantages of integration, standardization and intelligence; To realize intelligent remote start, data acquisition, real-time alarm and other functions, it is the best choice of fire water supply products!···


Integrated structure of pump unit, control system and information processing system, the equipment is standardized, modular and highly integrated. Those systems can realize the overall inspection and test before leaving the factory, start working after power on and pipe connecting.


IOT intelligent fire pump set is applicable to various fire water supply systems of industrial and civil construction projects such as factories, warehouses, storage tanks, stations, airports, hospitals, offices, businesses, garages, exhibition buildings, cultural and sports buildings, cinemas, residences, urban complexes, etc.

Working environment

Voltage supply

380V(±15%),three phase five line




No conductive dust, gas that can corrode metal and damage insulation, and no explosion hazard


< 2000m

Main features

1.Data acquisition and remote transmission

For the traditional fire water supply unit,the working condition and data information are only displayed on the screen and graphic display of the alarm host, and cannot be transmitted to the designated mobile terminal and other display terminals;But for intelligent fire-fighting equipment, these information can be transmitted to the cloud and displayed on the mobile terminal (mobile phone, computer) or even the display and monitor you want in real time. The system can also push notification and alarm information to the mobile terminal in real time, which brings great convenience to the management of fire-fighting equipment. Not only can the alarm information be transmitted remotely, but also the water level, water pressure of the fire water tank, the working state of the fire pump, the fire power supply parameters and the operation data of the diesel fire pump also can be transmitted remotely, providing reliable data support for the normal maintenance of the fire unit,and providing guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the fire unit

2.Data statistical analysis and status evaluation

The information system of the fire fighting unit not only collects the working conditions and operating data of the equipment and realizes remote transmission, but also has the function of data statistics and analysis. The information system analyzes the health status assessment of the fire-fighting unit through the real-time collected motor operating parameters and water supply parameters of the pump, combined with the performance curve of the fire-fighting pump itself, and provides users with fault analysis and maintenance opinions of the fire-fighting unit.

3.Intelligent control

Using information collection, remote transmission and Internet, the fire fighting unit can provide unified management convenience for the management personnel (property) of the fire fighting equipment and the superior supervision department according to the user's requirements. It can not only provide the equipment operation data and working status in real time, but also display various reports, trend charts and other auxiliary analysis data charts as required. It can also query the equipment operation history, file management Maintain record logs, etc., to provide users with auxiliary decision-making.

The equipment can be combined with plate design to make the above-ground intelligent fire-fighting integrated pump station and the buried intelligent fire-fighting integrated pump station.

Performance and advantages

1.Integration:integrate the configuration functions and requirements of fire pool, pump room, water supply equipment, control system and other facilities;
2.Standardization: the whole process of design, manufacturing, installation and use shall be implemented in accordance with the current national standards;
3.Intelligent: This system adopts Ethernet and wireless 3G/4G transmission to realize the functions of monitoring, monitoring and interphone through smart phone, computer and monitoring platform (fire control center);
4.Energy conservation and environmental protection:save steel, wood, concrete, labor, construction period, water, electricity, etc.


Scope of application

Application of new construction, rebuilding and expansion and design, application, construction, installation, commissioning, acceptance and maintenance management of fire water supply pump station integrated with assembled box pump in fire water supply system of industrial buildings.

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