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Undertake social responsibility, Jiangsu Mingxing has a "temperature" in front of the epidemic

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During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat, a sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus spread across the country, affecting the hearts of the people across the country.


Since the emergence of the epidemic, Mingxing has always paid attention to the epidemic situation. As a water supply equipment company integrating R&D, design, production, sales, installation and service, despite the Spring Festival holiday, despite the government’s announcement of delayed resumption of work, it faces severe challenges. Mingxing actively participated in the battle against the epidemic, applied to relevant departments to start construction ahead of schedule, and proactively supported the 600-ton smart fire pump station and 500-ton smart fire pump station at the “Xiaotangshan” Hospital of Xi’an Public Health Center The smart life pumping station fulfills the responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise.


On 3rd February , Mingxing Company organized the resumption of production as soon as possible, and did a good job of product preparation and loading to ensure the timely and high-quality delivery of the project. Before departure, General Manager Ding Zhengjun urged all workers to wear masks throughout the entire process and keep a distance of 2 meters from strangers. Once they find any abnormalities in their bodies, they should report immediately and complete the tasks with quality and quantity while ensuring their health.

At 10:40 in the evening of 3rd February, 600 tons of stainless steel plates and supporting fire-fighting equipment were delivered to Xi’an on time. The goods will be transported from Jianhu to the construction site of Xi’an "Xiaotangshan" hospital overnight to ensure the smooth construction of the project. On the afternoon of 4th February, 500 tons of stainless steel plates and supporting living equipment also drove to the Xi'an Xiaotangshan project site with our expectations.


On 5th February, after a long journey, three trucks carrying plates and pump sets of Mingxing Company used to assist in the construction of the integrated pump station of Xi'an Xiaotangshan Hospital, presented a special pass, and drove into the construction site of Xiaotangshan Hospital one after another. Upon arriving at the site, despite the sleet and sleet, a group of workers wearing masks quickly plunged into the construction of the pumping station, installing templates, assembling structures, positioning and drilling... the whole work site was busy and not chaotic. , Orderly, as if there is no inconvenience of rain and snow. In order to be able to complete and deliver to use on February 8th with guaranteed quality and quantity, and support the fight against the epidemic, the workers will work hard day and night in these days. Like the workers who are struggling on the front line!


In the face of the epidemic, it is necessary to race against time. Mingxing’s smart fire pumping station and smart life pumping station all use SW large modular water tanks. This is a prefabricated water tank. The biggest advantage is that it is a one-time molded stretch. Forming, no welding, no transverse seams, and bolt assembly to avoid the rust of the water tank, at the same time, the installation is convenient, the engineering period is short, and a lot of manpower and material resources are saved. At the same time, the production and installation of smart integrated fire pumping stations are based on the national building standard design reference drawing 18CS01, and strictly implement the T/CECS623-2019 standard of "Technical Regulations for Prefabricated Box Pump Integrated Fire Fighting Water Supply Pumping Stations". The entire pumping station has four major advantages, namely: integration, intelligence, standardization, energy saving and environmental protection. The Smart Life Pumping Station has the function of improving water quality and has an overflow alarm system to monitor the leakage of the pump room in real time to prevent flooding of the pump room. At the same time, the self-designed multifunctional online water quality monitoring system monitors the water quality indicators such as residual chlorine, turbidity, and pH of the equipment in and out of the water in real time to ensure the safe use of water for users.

In the face of the epidemic, Mingxing people resolutely responded to the call of the party and the government to maintain a fighting state at all times, follow a unified deployment, give full assistance to the outside world, and strengthen prevention and control internally. We firmly believe that if hundreds of millions of families work together, there will be no barriers that cannot be overcome or hurdles that cannot be passed! Come on Wuhan, come on China!

Finally, I would like to thank Shanghai Chengfeng Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for its strong support and cooperation in our work, and timely delivery, so that the aid project can proceed smoothly!

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