10 items for installing square water tank

Nov 04, 2022

What are the items for installing a square water tank?
What should be paid attention to when installing the square water tank?
1. Provide clean water for installing power supply and checking sealing;
2. Before installing the water tank, install the support strip according to the instructions;
3. Do not use fire near the water tank. When welding, take safety precautions to prevent sparks from splashing on the water tank plate;
4. Do not stack large sundries around the water tank to ensure that there is enough space for inspection and safety;
5. Do not knock the water tank with hard objects;
6. The water tank, whether large or small, shall be placed on the load-bearing beam frame;
7. When the water tank is placed, it should not be lower than or higher than the unit configuration, that is, it should be on the same level with the unit configuration;
8. The water inlet and outlet pipes of the water tank must be wrapped with rubber to avoid pipe expansion;
9. The water tank shall be placed on the horizontal surface, and there shall be no ponding;
10. The water tank shall be placed in a clean place to prevent contamination from flowing into the water tank.