BDF stainless steel water tank manufacturers unique bolt connection water tank

Feb 15, 2023

Bolted BDF inground tanks are nothing new, BDF inground tank manufacturers have been making them for decades with great success. Bolted steel tanks of modular design, these tanks are sometimes called "tanks in a box" because they can be packed up and easily shipped anywhere.


Typically, BDF in-ground tanks are first shipped in panels by truck or standard container, along with hardware and fittings, all installed on arrival. Catering to a wide variety of applications, BDF Inground Tank Manufacturers are properly designed, manufactured and installed and, once on site, can be quickly bolted together with minimal site work.


BDF's unique modular design is based on the use of individual heavy-duty steel plates that are bolted together to form the tank. These panels are prefabricated in the factory's dedicated facility using a variety of specialized equipment such as bending machines, robotic welding arms, drilling presses and coating machinery, these panels and components are precision manufactured for long life, BDF underground water tank manufacturers are well made BDF tanks can provide over 50 years of service.


Bolted BDF in-ground tanks install in 1/3 the time it would take to build similarly sized welded tanks, plus the panels arrive at the job site with their final finish, eliminating the need for sandblasting and painting on site. Since BDF tanks require only on-site assembly, they can be erected in all weather conditions and resist delays caused by inclement weather.