Do you know the configuration of buried fire pump station?

Oct 14, 2022

The covering depth ht above the top box of the buried fire pump station is within 500mm-1500mm, and the height from the top of the pump house to the ground of the sliding rail type top cover of the inspection port and the water tank manhole cover shall be at least 200mm higher than the ground. The water tank is equipped with two vent pipes, and the two vent pipes are 500mm and 1200mm higher than the top plate of the water tank respectively. The vent pipe outlet is provided with an insect shield.
The manhole cover plate of the pump room of the pump station is made into a 2mx2m slide rail type cover plate, which is opened along the slide rail to one side. The water tank manhole is enclosed by a 1mx1m punched whole plate. The manhole shall be close to the float valve or liquid level control valve of the water tank inlet pipe, so that the filter and float valve of the water inlet pipe are set in the space between the water tank top plate and the manhole cover plate.
The pump room of the buried fire pump station is equipped with two ventilation pipes with a diameter of DN250, and the top is equipped with a rotating ventilation cap, which is 800mm - 1500mm higher than the surface of the overburden layer. Complete the air exchange in the pump room, and the air exchange rate should not be less than 6 times/h to ensure the air exchange rate in the pump room. If necessary, industrial dehumidification equipment can be set in the pump room to meet the dehumidification effect in the pump room.
Since there is no lifting facility in the pump room, when the weight of the fire pump is greater than 0.5t, it is advisable to set up fixed hooks, mobile hangers or manual (electric) starting equipment according to the lifting needs and site conditions. The specific method shall be negotiated with the survival manufacturer.
The operation of buried fire pump station does not require special personnel to be on duty, but regular inspection and maintenance are required. Thermal insulation, anti freezing and anti condensation of the pump station shall be determined by the design. Consult the manufacturer or refer to the national building standard design atlas 16s401 Thermal Insulation, Anti condensation and Electric Tracing of Pipes and Equipment for its practice.
After the installation of the pump station, the equipment commissioning and acceptance shall be completed under the guidance of the professional technicians of the manufacturer, and can be delivered for use only after the commissioning is qualified and accepted.