Insulation effect and insulation material of stainless steel water tank

Dec 27, 2022

Stainless steel heat preservation water tank refers to the stainless steel water tank as the inner layer, and then the insulation layer is made on the outside of the stainless steel water tank. Usually, the insulation material is used as the core layer, and the outside of the insulation material is covered with ordinary stainless steel plate or color steel plate.

     Not all stainless steel water tanks need to be insulated. For example, they are generally installed in the south, indoors, and places where there is no need for stainless steel water tanks. Insulation treatment is not required. The main purpose of insulation has two functions:

     One is to prevent the water temperature in the water tank from dropping, as is the case with water tanks generally used in bathing centers.

     The second is to prevent the water tank from breaking due to too low temperature. Especially in these places in Northeast my country, the temperature in winter is dozens of degrees below zero. If the water tank is installed outdoors, it is easy to deform or freeze and crack to cause water leakage. Therefore, insulation treatment must be done to prevent freezing .

     Commonly used insulation materials:

     Core material: polyurethane, polystyrene, polypropylene, rock wool, rubber.

     Outer material: stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate and color steel plate.

     The thermal insulation effect of the stainless steel thermal insulation water tank directly depends on the thickness of the thermal insulation layer and the thermal insulation effect. The thicker the thermal insulation layer and the wider the coverage, the better the thermal insulation effect. Now some manufacturers in the water tank market have to save costs in addition to the water tank material. In addition to cutting corners, some even write articles on the insulation layer. The thickness of the insulation layer is only 20-30mm, and there is no insulation layer at both ends of the water tank. This effect is naturally not ideal, like the insulation layer we use. The thickness of the water tank is 40-50mm, which keeps the water tank 360 degrees warm. As for the insulation material is polyurethane, rock wool is the worst. Generally speaking, for our country, foam board and color steel plate can meet the requirements for insulation.

     The insulation effect will vary according to the selection of materials. Among the insulation materials for stainless steel water tanks, polyurethane insulation is the best. Generally, polyurethane with a thickness of 50mm is used as the insulation layer. If the insulation effect is stricter, thicker polyurethane insulation can be used, and the thickness can reach 100mm. thickness.