Performance and advantages of buried water tank

Oct 26, 2022

Advantages of buried water tank:
The buried water tank can avoid the hidden dangers such as intergranular corrosion variation caused by welding, and it can still be kept intact as new after years of use, without water leakage or deformation
It is made of special stainless steel molded plates, connected and assembled with stainless steel bolts and non-toxic and harmless medical rubber gaskets. The water tank installation is not affected by the earthwork, no welding equipment. The water tank is beautiful and durable, no secondary pollution, beneficial to human health, and meets the requirements of standardization, serialization and industrialization of construction products.
The water tank is made of food grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance.
The unique outer folding process effectively enhances the compressive strength of the water tank.
The structure is set reasonably, the bolts are assembled on site, with high strength and good sealing.
It is easy to fold and install, that is, the plates disassembled after several years of use can be reused in other places only by replacing the sealing strip
The volume of the water tank is 1~3000 cubic meters. Users can put forward any combination of the length, width and height of the water tank according to the design requirements.
It is convenient for transportation. It is only necessary to assemble the water tank after the stainless steel formwork arrives at the installation site, thus greatly reducing the volume during transportation.
The appearance is neat, bright, beautiful and practical
The buried water tank is mainly made of high-quality Q235 steel plate, forming 1000 × 1000、1000 × 2000、1000 × The galvanized water tank plate is formed after hot-dip galvanizing treatment of 3000 standard plates.
First, it is fully bolted and assembled on site, which is fast and convenient. During assembly, it is sealed with special non-toxic sealing strip, without water leakage and lax sealing.
Second, the special tie rod structure in the water tank makes the mechanical properties more reasonable, and the height can reach 5 meters. The galvanized water tank has no special requirements on the installation site, no hoisting equipment is required, and the volume can meet all user requirements.