Safety of stainless steel fire water tank

Dec 05, 2022

Advantages of stainless steel fire water tank
The fire water tank is a stainless steel water tank product after the FRP water tank. It is made of high-quality steel plate, beautiful in appearance, economical and practical, and the main body is durable. Compared with other water tanks, they are relatively light in weight, higher in strength and corrosion resistance, and have many advantages such as high temperature resistance, clean water quality, impermeability, earthquake resistance, no moss, no secondary pollution of water quality, convenient installation, and convenient cleaning. Common stainless steel fire water tanks include square combined water tanks, vertical round water tanks and horizontal round water tanks. There are three common stamping sizes of refined stainless steel stamping type, 1x1m, 1x0.5m and 0.5x0.5m. Argon arc welding is used around, which is characterized by low cost and environmental sanitation.
How to use stainless steel fire water tank safely
1. In order to use the stainless steel fire water tank safely, the water tank must be placed in the nearby water, so as to reduce the pipeline loss.
2. The installation position shall be higher than the horizontal position to avoid affecting people's normal life. Stainless steel has strong thermal characteristics. If it stays in a specific temperature area for too long, its corrosion resistance will be seriously reduced due to heat.
3. In case of problems in the use of stainless steel water tank, the technical maintenance personnel, welder maintenance personnel and argon arc welding professionals of the stainless steel water tank manufacturer shall be notified in advance, and the operation can only be conducted after water removal during maintenance.