Stainless steel water tank leak test acceptance

Feb 24, 2023

After the installation of the stainless steel water tank is completed, a water test is required. During the water test stage, pipes may be used for water delivery and drainage. If the required pipes leak at this time, how should we solve it?

     When water leakage is caused by corrosion, it should be checked whether it is uniform corrosion or localized corrosion. In the case of uniform corrosion, all the pipes may be thinned due to corrosion. The proper way is to replace all the pipes or the entire heat exchanger. If a certain part or point of the pipe leaks due to corrosion, the pipe can be replaced. Pull out and replace with a new tube, because the general welding leakage repair is difficult to quality. For water leakage caused by poor pipe quality or poor manufacturing and processing, you should consider whether it is an accidental one or all of them. If possible, conduct a flaw detection on the pipe, and replace the leaking pipe if unconditional. If you continue to find leaking pipes in the future, it is recommended to replace all the pipes. . When the pipe leaks due to expansion joints or poor welding connections, it should be handled according to different situations. If the pipes connected by welding can be repaired or reconnected to the leaking part. When the expanded pipe is found to be loose, if it can still be expanded, use a manual expander to expand it again. When expanding the tube, both ends of the tube must be expanded simultaneously. In order to prevent the tube from twisting or loosening, if the expansion effect is not good, a new tube should be replaced. When pipes rupture due to freezing, it is likely that many pipes will freeze and rupture at the same time. Due to the deformation of the cracked tube, it is difficult to pull out the tube. At this time, you should shake it slowly, pull out the tube, and then replace it with a new tube. If only one or two pipes are broken, they can be suffocated or welded to death with plugs, and replaced if possible.