Stainless steel water tank plate specification requirements

Apr 18, 2023

In terms of water tank materials, SUS304-2B, SUS316L-2B, SUS444, etc. can be selected according to different situations. In general, SUS304-2B ready-to-eat plates can be used. Stainless steel water tank This kind of water tank is generally made of cold-rolled steel, but in coastal areas, places with poor water quality, and water tanks that require high corrosion resistance, it is recommended to use SUS316 plates, such as coastal areas with good water quality. SUS444 plate.

It is recommended not to use other stainless steel plates such as SUS201 and SUS202 on the market, and SUS304J1 can be used selectively. It is possible to partially bend the section and make full use of the bearing capacity after bending, so as to obtain better use effects. The hot-rolled section steel does not have this characteristic, so it is not used. Therefore, the material of the water tank is cold-rolled steel.

When using, repairing and maintaining the piping of the water tank, do not apply excessive load to the water inlet and outlet of the piping. Do not place the weight of valves and large bore pipes directly on the tank nozzle. Install pipe supports if necessary, and expansion joints must be installed to allow welded pipes to expand, contract and vibrate.

Stamped stainless steel plate welded water tank is made of stamped stainless steel plate with reinforcing ribs, and is integrally welded with stainless steel welding rod. The structure is simple and strong, and a water tank with a larger capacity can be manufactured. Because the box body is integrally welded with the stainless steel plate, it can completely block sunlight, so algae will not grow. Keep the water always clean.