The difference between stainless steel fire water tank and domestic water tank?

Apr 04, 2023

The stainless steel heat preservation water tank is fitted with the heat preservation plate of the tank body, which can be snapped together as a whole, perfectly covering the outside of the tank body, so that its appearance is no different from that of the stainless steel water tank. The stainless steel thermal insulation water tank can also keep the cooling temperature within 24 hours at room temperature within 10 degrees, and the size of the water tank can be customized according to the needs of life and production, fully meeting the needs of the people.


  Nowadays, many stainless steel water tanks have both the effect of water storage and heat preservation, especially in winter in the north, the heat preservation of stainless steel water tanks is very important. Below we mainly talk about the materials for stainless steel water tanks to achieve thermal insulation effects. The stainless steel water tank can maintain the warm water supply in the cold winter, and it needs to take care of both the inner and outer layers. In the inner layer, the main insulation materials are rock wool, polyurethane foam, foam board and pre-set polyurethane foam. The outer layer is made of color steel plate, stainless steel plate and thermal insulation glass fiber reinforced plastic to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. Fire water tank


   In real life, some people often mistake the stainless steel fire water tank and the domestic water tank as one. There is a big difference between the two. This article will specifically introduce the difference between stainless steel fire water tanks and domestic water tanks from several aspects?


   The biggest difference between the two is that they are used differently. The stainless steel fire water tank is used for fire water supply, while the stainless steel living water tank is used for daily water. Secondly, stainless steel fire water tanks are widely used in campuses, hospitals, construction units and other places, while domestic water tanks are widely used in residential areas, commercial and residential buildings. Stainless steel insulation water tank


   In addition, the water storage capacity of the two is also very different. The fire water tank has a larger capacity, while the domestic water tank has a smaller water storage capacity. In terms of material, stainless steel fire water tanks do not have high requirements, and 201 or 204 stainless steel can be used, while the material of domestic water tanks must be healthy and environmentally friendly, and 304 food-grade stainless steel is generally used.