Tips for antifreezing stainless steel water tank in winter

Oct 21, 2022

1. Reasonable bottom structure of stainless steel water tank: good welding, strong corrosion resistance, greatly improving the durability of the water tank.
2. High quality and reliable thermal insulation layer: polyurethane constant temperature foaming is adopted, the thermal insulation layer is uniform, and the thermal insulation effect is stable.
3. The inside and outside of the box and the bottom are heat bridge bearing structures: prevent the heat of the water tank from radiating through the bottom heat bridge, and ensure the overall thermal insulation effect of the water tank.
4. The stainless steel water tank plate is connected by high-frequency argon arc welding: the sealing effect of the box is good.
5. Anti convection heat exchange device at overflow port: when overflow pipe is not installed, square convection device can be installed to prevent convection exchange between hot air inside stainless steel water tank and cold air outside.
6. Stainless steel water tank plate with flanging end cover structure stamped by hydraulic press: the water tank plate is formed by stamping by hydraulic press at one time. After the water tank plate is combined and welded, the box body effect is good and the appearance is beautiful.