What are the characteristics of BDF buried water tank?

Nov 04, 2022

BDF buried water tank is a new type of fire water storage and supply system equipment, which is more and more widely used in the fire water supply and drainage system of newly-built, expanded and reconstructed buildings.
What are the characteristics of BDF buried water tank?
Eliminate the traditional reinforced concrete pool and pump house, which brings you such common problems as long construction period, high cost, large space occupation, easy leakage, unsanitary, easy algae breeding, no energy saving, non reusable, non removable, high management cost, high failure rate, high maintenance cost, poor reliability, short service life, etc? The integrated pump station will ease the above troubles and pains for you and bring good news.
Develop low-cost high-tech patented products and adopt new materials, new technologies and new technologies. It integrates water tank and pump room, with novel concept and reasonable design, and is used by thousands of users throughout the country.
BDF buried water tank completely solves the problem that the raw water tank occupies a lot of land. It is buried underground and the ground can be used as a parking lot or greening.
Compared with traditional stainless steel water tank products on the market, this product has the following advantages: First, it has good anti floating effect. During the design process of the connection between the bottom plate and the box, the weight of the box offsets the buoyancy of the groundwater, so none of the buried fire water supply systems produced by us have problems due to buoyancy.
Second, the system is well maintained, and the internal lacing bars, pump stations, pipelines, sprinklers and other components operate normally without damage; Third, the structure is more solid. The above grass planting, tree planting and parking vehicles will not be affected. Fourth, save costs. The labor cost is saved by 25%, the material forming is saved by 21%, and the construction period is shortened by 18%.
At present, BDF buried water tank is mainly used for new construction, expansion and reconstruction of industrial and civil buildings. Automatic sprinkler system, water spray fire extinguishing system, fixed fire monitor fire extinguishing system and other fire water supply systems.