What are the materials of the fire water tank?

Dec 16, 2022

Many friends have asked me for quotations, asking how much a square meter of fire water tanks cost. There are several materials for this fire water tank. Some drawings or projects require what material to use, so we will use that material. If there is no requirement, you can choose an affordable fire water tank according to the project budget.

     Common fire water tanks include stainless steel fire water tanks, galvanized steel fire water tanks, enamel steel fire water tanks, glass fiber reinforced plastic fire water tanks, and one is the buried tank pump integrated fire pump station.

     General roof fire water tanks are mostly made of stainless steel. This is the welding process. Argon arc welding can be customized according to the requirements of 1-2000 cubic fire water tank. This stainless steel fire water tank has requirements on water quality, and it is not recommended to store water with high chloride ion content. Affordable ones are fiberglass fire water tanks, which are assembled with screws. The veneer is molded, and the screw and rubber strip are sealed and assembled. Can be customized according to space requirements. There is no requirement for water quality. It can store normal temperature water of any water quality. Affordable. There are also many materials for glass fiber reinforced plastic fire water tanks.

     In addition, galvanized steel fire water tanks and enameled steel fire water tanks can also be used in water storage projects such as fire water tanks and waterproof tanks. These two types of water tanks have no requirements for water quality and temperature, and can store clean water of any water quality and temperature. You can choose a water tank of a material that suits you according to your actual situation.