Causes of leakage of stainless steel fire water tank and repair methods

Sep 28, 2022

The stainless steel fire water tank we use in our life will leak after a long time. What are the reasons for the leakage? Today, Xiaobian will introduce the causes of leakage of stainless steel fire water tank and the repair methods.
Water leakage cause:
1: It is related to welding process and welding materials.
2: It is related to the thickness of the plate. Now some manufacturers offer very low prices, mainly because the plate is secretly thinner.

Repair method:
(1) Welding repair of aluminum water tank with tin zinc aluminum alloy
Put 6o% tin, 35% zinc and 5% aluminum into iron spoon and other appliances for heating and melting, and then cast them into slender electrodes. Clean the oil stain at the crack, polish the oxide film with abrasive cloth, scrape it off with a screwdriver or a broken saw blade, heat the aluminum piece to 300 ℃ - 40o ℃ with a blowtorch, and rub the welding rod at the crack. When the welding rod melts, use a screwdriver to rub the molten electrode alloy at the crack, so that the alloy flows into the crack, and then gradually thicken the welding layer.
(2) Water tank cracks repaired by adhesive fusion method
Dry the water tank, and drill 3mm holes at both ends of the crack. If the crack is long or bent, drill another hole in the middle or at the corner, and scrape the crack with a breaking strip to expose metallic luster. Use 502 adhesive to drop into the two holes, rivet with 3mm aluminum rivets, and seal the cracks.