Factors affecting the service life of stainless steel water tanks

Nov 08, 2022

Why do the same stainless steel water tanks have a long service life and some are very short? So what are the factors that determine the service life of a stainless steel water tank?

1 Key factor: Thicker sheets. The stainless steel water tank is corroded by the stored liquid for a long time. Thinner sheets tend to be at a disadvantage. Therefore, if the stainless steel water tank is to be used for a long time, it is necessary to use the plate thickness equal to or higher than the national standard when it is first produced. Such stainless steel water tanks often have a long service life. However, users often use thinner plates for economic reasons. Just imagine that when you use a stainless steel water tank made of thinner sheets, there are quality problems in use, and your later maintenance costs may be greater, as well as other losses. I don't think so.

2 Excellent production: Unprofessional production often affects the service life of the stainless steel water tank. The stainless steel water tank industry is uneven. The industry requirements seem to be simple, thinking that it is enough to only be able to weld with argon arc welding without water leakage. actually not. Due to the long-term storage of water in the stainless steel water tank, the tank body is always subjected to pressure corrosion from water. Unprofessional production, (including unreasonable setting of tie bars, welding technology not specially researched for water tanks) often affects the service life of the water tank. Temporary leak-proof does not mean long-term leak-proof. Professional production can ensure the quality of the water tank for a longer period of time.

3. Post-maintenance: Excellent production is only one of the guarantees for the life of the water tank, and post-maintenance is also crucial. The water tank is in a state of water due to being out for a long time. The impurity microorganisms in the water gradually grow and deposit and adhere to the welds on the bottom side of the water tank. The accumulation of these substances will not only accelerate the corrosion of the tank and affect the water quality. Therefore, good cleaning habits are also the key to ensuring the service life of the water tank. The cleaning cycle is preferably once a quarter. Every cleaning needs to be cleaned as carefully as possible.