Firefighting facilities and equipment are not commonly used, but essential

Sep 01, 2022

As a country with a large population base, firefighting facilities and equipment are not commonly used in our lives, but they are essential because when we prepare in an emergency. Fire-fighting constant-pressure tank-pump integrated equipment has gradually become an indispensable type of fire-fighting facilities and equipment.

1. When purchasing firefighting facilities and equipment, the equipment that meets the standards should be strictly selected, and the production license of the relevant department should be held before it is put into use. Equipment that does not conform to the standard may have great omissions in the process of use, and its impact is made up.


2. The overall structure of the equipment should be planned and reasonably arranged in advance. Leave enough maintenance space to avoid problems and not be able to maintain, set up other monthly inspections, and annual inspections cannot be affected by space problems.


3. As the main accessory, the air pressure tank must meet the national requirements, hold the pressure vessel manufacturing license, establish a perfect quality inspection system, ensure the regular maintenance of the equipment, and ensure that the equipment is always in normal operation.


4. Strictly inspect all external supporting equipment to ensure that they can be installed only after reaching the standard, and conduct on-site assembly tests to observe the overall performance and eliminate problems.


5. Two stabilized water pumps are required to meet the requirements of main and auxiliary equipment.