Introduction to several characteristics of installation and use of stainless steel fire water tank

Jan 05, 2023

1. Installation and use of stainless steel water tank

     1. The geometric dimensions of the stainless steel water tank foundation should be constructed according to the drawings made by the manufacturer. The height difference of the basic plane is less than 5mm.

     2. Installation, construction and acceptance of stainless steel water tanks. Welders on-site argon arc welding. There is a standard power supply at the construction site. There is a maintenance space of ≥500mm around the water tank. Appearance inspection without rust: it is qualified if it is filled with water for 2-3 hours, there is no deformation of the box, and no leakage of the weld.

     3. The use, repair and maintenance of stainless steel water tanks. When piping, do not apply excessive load to the piping inlet and outlet. Do not directly apply the weight of valves and large-diameter pipes to the water tank outlet. Set up pipe supports when necessary, and install flexible flexible joints for expansion, contraction, and vibration of welded pipes.

     4. Stainless steel water tank configuration and supporting accessories: the supply scope of the company's water tank is box body, manhole with lock, ladder, short pipe and single-piece flange.

     Second, the characteristics of stainless steel water tank

     1. The stainless steel assembled water tank is assembled and welded by 1*1 single square stamped stainless steel plate, which echoes the modern architecture and has a sense of the times.

     2. The whole water tank is closed, and the surface of the imported stainless steel plate is smooth, so it does not need too much cleaning in daily life, and it is not easy to epiphyte algae, and the sediment in the water is washed and washed.

     3. Because of manual assembly, the type and shape of the water tank can be assembled into the required I-shape, L-shape, Z-shape, etc. according to the shape of the house. 4. The product is widely used in hotels, residential areas, commercial buildings, production enterprises for water storage, beverage storage and other purposes, as well as liquid storage containers in the pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and chemical industries.

     5. Tengxiang high-quality food-grade stainless steel SUS304 prolongs the service life of the water tank and can better prevent secondary pollution of water quality.

     6. The structure is unique and reasonable, and the flexible and reasonable plate shape design is suitable for containers of various sizes.

     7. The high-strength stamping plate and the evenly distributed stainless steel tension bars in the box make the box bear even and reasonable pressure. Standard stamping plate 1000×1000, 1000×500, 500×500mm 2000×2000 can be assembled and welded on site at will, without hoisting equipment.

     8. The high-quality stamping process not only meets the maximum pressure bearing requirements of the cabinet, but also reduces the material thickness, which meets the aesthetic and practical requirements of the cabinet.