Precautions for installation of insulated water tank

Sep 30, 2022

The insulated water tank is different from the stainless steel fire water tank. The insulated water tank refers to adding special industrial and thermal insulation materials to the interlayer of the water tank, so that the water tank can maintain a certain temperature to meet the needs of life or industry. The thermal insulation water tank can be divided into stainless steel thermal insulation water tank, pressure thermal insulation water tank and glass fiber reinforced plastic thermal insulation water tank according to the different materials used and processed. The insulated water tank often appears in places that need a lot of hot water, such as hotels and factories. Today, I will introduce the precautions for the installation of the insulated water tank
The installation position of the thermal insulation water tank shall facilitate the drainage of the drain outlet, and the hot water tank shall be as close as possible to the water point and the installation position of the host to reduce the heat loss of the pipeline. For floor works, the thermal insulation water tank, regardless of its size, must be placed on the bearing beam. If the thermal insulation water tank is more than 5 tons, a bearing foundation is required, and the bearing capacity of the bearing foundation shall be more than twice the weight of the water tank after it is filled with water. For floor installation of insulated water tank, a horizontal foundation with a height of more than 150 mm must be built, and the location of insulated water tank shall not affect the lives of surrounding residents. The foundation plane where the insulated water tank is placed shall be horizontal, and there shall be no ponding on the foundation plane. If I-steel or U-steel welded supports are used, the location of the insulation water tank must be paved with steel plates. At least 600mm installation and maintenance space shall be reserved around the place where the insulated water tank is placed. As the circulating water pump configured for the unit does not have suction head, the installation position of the thermal insulation water tank should not be lower than the unit, but not higher than the unit, and placed at the same level.